Work Instructions are the foundation for improvement efforts.

Working with WMEP to document in hard copy, and/or electronically, your current best practices will help your company ensure all processes are well sequenced and organized. Work Instructions will help your company proactively advance your training methods by having a documented standard to train to, which will reduce training time, improve quality and reduce waste due to variation. Employees will feel more engaged and have a better understanding of what is expected of them.

Work Instruction benefits include:

  • Increase in process predictability and measurement of results
  • Proactively addresses the looming retirement bubble
  • Reducing errors so management has more time for strategic objectives
  • Lessen the impact of loss of employees
  • Improve retention

Without process documentation, manufacturers find themselves in constant struggle as their most knowledgeable employees leave. Work Instructions are far more than just documenting, it allows a company to have the necessary training tools to ensure a proper transition between employees.

WMEP offers a variety of services to address your pressing people issues from Front Line Leader Skill Development to Leadership Training and Coaching to Strategic Workforce Planning to Employee Engagement Analysis to Retention Value Analysis.

It’s as simple as a conversation with a WMEP business development expert who will work with you to determine the right path toward maximizing the impact on your business.

Download a printable information sheet on Work Instructions.

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