Two-Day Workshop Overview

Chris Czarnik, Facilitator

Location: This training will take place at the client’s site at a time agreed upon by both parties. The training will run from 8:30am- 4 pm each of the two days.

Who will attend and for how long?: The President and/or CEO of the Organization and the HR manager or VP are required for the first hour and the last hour of day one and the last three hours of day two.

Three or four people, designated by the company, will attend both days. It will require representatives from these areas of the company: HR, Operations, Marketing and Administration.

“Today’s biggest issue for most businesses is attracting and retaining the right talent. Chris takes the effective approach of showing you what you need to improve on to win the talent war, and then teaching you how to sustain these improvements in your organization. Chris is very hands on, high energy, approachable and direct… He is not encumbered by the typical definition of a consultant!” Thomas L. Saeli, CEO, Duro-Last Roofing / JRB Enterprises, Inc.

What you’ll learn:

  • Are potential employees unwilling or unable to work for your organization? We’ll find out together.
  • Reputation, Pay, Opportunity, Flexibility. Important terms you’ll learn to implement.
  • Create messaging that speaks to your target audience and models of where to find them.
  • How to Supercharge your Employee Referral program – your best source for great talent.

“Chris’ presentation was high energy and thought provoking. He helped us realize that recruiting and retaining talent doesn’t have to be difficult, we just need to apply common sense and known business practices to our recruitment efforts. We’re really looking forward to implementing the ideas and strategies that came out of our two-day workshop!” Reed Gooding, President, GSM Roofing

Day 1: Listen, Listen, Listen

We will meet with HR staff and managers to gain an understanding about the current hiring market in your area and your recruiting efforts and the results. We will Identify areas of opportunity and interview model employees.

Day 2: Proactive Recruiting

Together we’ll determine why the “right” kind of employees are not applying to or staying at your organization. We will then create action plans for what you can do – starting immediately – to make changes that work!

Three hours of day two. Three or four designated people will attend both days, all day. It will require representatives from these areas of the company: HR, Operations, Marketing and Administration.

Training Goals

  • Identify root causes of recruiting and/or retention issues for the organization.
  • Create a 3 or 4-person team that will work on problem solving these issues after the workshop ends. This team will be taught analytical problem solving, root cause analysis and solution generation as building blocks for their work going forward.
  • Choose and rank (in order of importance) the issues identified and prioritize what to work on first.
  • Have solutions identified for the most pressing issues around recruiting and retaining talent for the team to work on and implement.

Intended Outcomes

  • We will form and train a team of internal employees to solve the identified problems on an ongoing basis inside the company (with guidance).
  • We will identify root causes of recruiting/retention issues.
  • We will create possible courses of action for each problem identified.
  • We will define an action plan with SMART goals that can be audited.

Daily Breakdown

Day One

  • 8:30am-9:30am
    • Entire team meets (plus leadership).
    • Introductions.
    • 26 questions – Learning Your Company From A-Z.
  • 9:30am-Noon
    • Team (minus leadership) meets to identify current problems and explore root causes of those problems.
  • 1pm-3:30pm
    • Chris meets individually with selected members of the operations and HR staff.
    • Get direct feedback from Operations, HR and on floor leadership (supervisors).
  • 3:30pm-4:30pm
    • Chris meets with Location leadership (President/ Owner and HR manager) to discuss findings.

Day Two

  • 8:30am-Noon
    • Chris plus team (minus leadership) identifies top four issues facing the organization in terms of recruiting and retaining talent.
    • Prioritize issues to work on first and cascading effects of the change.
    • Chris teaches team analytical problem solving and resolution creation basics.
  • Noon-4:00pm
    • Entire team (including leadership) discusses intended next steps (who, what when, why).
    • Discuss action steps, messaging, involving subject matter experts, benchmarking and best practices.
    • Set first team meeting date and agenda.

Download a printable information sheet on Winning the War for Talent.

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