WMEP’s Services for Manufacturers

Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) offers expert advisors focusing on the needs of small and medium sized manufacturers in Wisconsin as well as the OEMs they serve.

No other organization has worked directly with as many Wisconsin manufacturers as we have on projects ranging from lean and Six Sigma to strategic planning, new product development and leadership advancement.

How can we help you?

Continuous Improvement – quality programs, lean principles and certification programs to set you apart from your competition, reduce costs and better compete in the global market.

Where do I go to start building a lean culture and organization?

Customer Focused Innovation – streamline the delivery of new products, services and/or integrated solutions to retain existing customers and gain new business.

When I am starting a new marketing activity, how do I know if I am on track and goal focused?

Profitable Sustainability – with this valuable resource in place, you will find that you can now leverage sustainability to improve your company’s efficiency, innovation and growth.

Am I ready to see a transformation in my profits and an escalation in my competitiveness in the global market?

Global Expansion – WMEP offers a unique program that helps manufacturers develop a workable export strategy in just 12 weeks.

Am I leaving the rewards of global trade to my competitors?

Workforce Engagement – lean leadership, leadership, planning, development and coaching for the modern manufacturing workforce.

What do I need to do to prepare my company for the changes occurring in the areas of talent, recruitment and workforce development?

Value Chain – optimizing your supply chain can result in reduced lead-time and improved quality while improving the end-customer experience.

How can I create an efficient and ready supply chain?

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