Many have shown that what South Korean manufacturers are doing to keep their factories up and running.  Here are some of the measures that they are taking:

  1. Working remotely for the sales team, marketing teams and finance teams as well as back-office.
  2. No face-to-face meetings allowed.
  3. No business travel.
  4. People should keep 6 feet distance when they talk and even some things are being rearranged in the plant to accommodate others working 6 feet from one another if possible.  As this may become the new normal, any steps you take now to spread areas out will likely be good for the future too.
  5. Temperature checks before entering the factory gate (use IR scanning thermometer that does not require touching skin or ear temperature with an alcohol swab in between).
  6. A person who shows temperature above 99.5 degrees is not allowed to enter.
  7. Wearing a mask while in the factory.
  8. People should clean hands with hand sanitizer before going into the office door. (Hand sanitizer can be placed in front of every office door)
  9. Taking weekly anti-epidemic sterilization for all major surfaces.