One of the best ways to communicate what WMEP is and what we do is to share real-world testimonials. Direct quotes from those we’ve been privileged to work shoulder-to-shoulder with solving challenges unique to them but shared by many.

Here are a few quotes which begin to cover the spectrum of services WMEP offers to small and medium sized manufacturers.


Supervisor Skills Workshop, Spring 2021

  • “This program covered many practical topics that can be useful in any environment.”
  • “This class really opened my eyes on how my behavior can influence those around me and how my attitude is contagious.”
  • “This 4-day class was an eye opener and really made you think about your employee’s and yourself.” – Mark (Krier Foods)
  • “I learned a vast amount of beneficial skills and truly think it covers a wide array of issues all leaders face. Everyone, in any position, could benefit from this.” – Kerin (Walter’s Buildings)
  • “These sections have been a true eye opener for me. It makes you feel motivated to become a better person/leader.” – Michelle (Denali Staffing)
    “Great information and Tools.” – Angel Stuart (Denali Staffing)
  • “I feel this Supervisor Skills training class has opened my eyes on how to be the manager people want to work for.” – Jamie (Tailored Label Products)
  • “This class gave me confidence that I didn’t have before.” – Luis (Denali Staffing)
  • “Touched a wide variety of different topics and gave me tools to help myself grow as an employee and as a leader. Exceeded my expectations.” – Patty (Krier Foods)



“WMEP is an extremely useful organization with virtually unlimited means to help a manufacturer. I have found the teams to always be very knowledgeable, insightful and forthright.”

Dave Hauser, Vice President of Operations – Skana Aluminum Co.


“We engaged WMEP to do a Pivot2Revenue review of our business. Marie Mansheim performed the services. Her expansive background and quick study approach were very helpful to not only confirm our plans that we had already put into place, but to provide good suggestions on how we might improve upon them even further. I would recommend Marie for anyone wanting a Pivot2Revenue review.”

Ron Pulvermacher, President, Matrix Product Development



We recognized the need to do a strategic planning process. We worked with WMEP and we were delighted with the process and results. It got everyone moving in same direction. WMEP helped lead the process and kept us on the right track.”

Rick Reichertz, President
ATACO Steel Products Corp.



Regarding Leader Training & Coaching: “The level of services provided by WMEP and Christine are unmatched anywhere else.

Torben Christensen, President & CEO
Wiscon Products Inc.

“It is very difficult to put a monetary value to the reduction of risk by implementing the NIST 800-171 assessment tools. I know that we have reduced our cyber threat risk significantly with the WMEP process. Meeting the standard and assessment is a big undertaking for small/midsize companies and a more “entry level” process may be better received and implemented if offered. It is a very useful process and I feel fortunate to have utilized WMEP to strengthen our cyber-threat defenses.

Jeffrey Clark, CEO
Waukesha Metal Products

Regarding ExporTech®: “From the very first day of class to the very last, I was thoroughly impressed with the ExporTech program.  The program was one of the best run events I have ever been involved with, and I have been to many, given my extensive experience in the automotive world.  The subject matter experts were well prepared, highly competent, and very efficient.  Additional resources were well referenced, pertinent, and very valuable.  All and all, it was a refreshingly nice experience.  As an incredibly busy professional, nothing frustrates me more than a poorly organized and executive event, and this is not that.  Roxanne and her team over delivered.

Rich Simonson,
COO Carma Labs


Regarding Market Diversification: “We are very pleased with the expertise and results we have received from partnering with WMEP.

Matt Jacobson, President & CEO
Heiden, Inc.

Regarding Market Diversification: “George Bureau is an excellent asset to WMEP. He’s thorough knowledgeable and quickly understood my business and how to help.

Brian Arpke, Owner
R3NEW, Inc.


Roxanne Baumann and the ExportTech™ Network and program are an excellent launching platform for expanding a companies business.

Philip Gould, Automotive Sales Manager
E. R. Wagner Manufacturing Co. – Milwaukee


“If there is a more relevant and useful program for export development than Exportech™ I don’t know what it would be.  Thanks to what we learned in ExporTech™ and the meetings set up for us, we had a very successful UK trip.  Our products became available for sale on just before the Homebuilders show we exhibited at in London.  We now know how to do international credit sales safely and we are even thinking about warehousing products in the UK.

This is just the beginning.  What can we say but thanks.”

Marsha Caporaso, President


“Our ISO Certification went very well with the assistance of Jennifer Arnold and Andrew Porter.  They were both very professional and got us through our process in under nine months. THANK YOU WMEP!”

Paul Reetz, President
Integrity Tool & Saw


“WMEP made a significant effort in doing a review of our sustainability. They confirmed our thinking on areas of opportunity and confirmed that the actions taken by our company are correct and slightly ahead of the curve compared to other businesses like ours.”

John West, President
Fox Valley Metal Tech


“The process that WMEP worked with us on was 5-S-ing a work center. The process was very helpful in organizing the area and we believe the services provided were valuable and we are glad we did it.”

Doug Gilbert, President
Elipticon Wood Products


“Keep doing what you’re doing. [Your specialists] are extremely talented individuals and have contributed greatly to our company’s growth and success.”

Keith Pignolet, President


“I found the PRA®-plus extremely valuable. To a large degree this was due to the expertise and delivery by George Bureau. I have and will continue to recommend PRA®-plus to my business associates.

Matthew Jacobson, President/CEO
Heiden, Inc.


“My experience with WMEP’s Profit Risk Assessment was very eye opening and informative. In years past, we’ve mostly focused on one year operational goals with little thoughts on longer range plans but that thinking has changed after we went through the Profit Risk Assessment exercise.

This detailed and very focused assessment showed me the areas of the company where Metal-Era was vulnerable and identified key issues that we needed to account for in the future.

I would highly recommend going through this assessment if you struggling to grow, want to improve your margins or are ready to sell your business in the next couple of years.

Tony Mallinger, President/CEO
Metal-Era Inc.


“J&R contracted with WMEP , to provide a PRA (Profit Risk Assessment) the information delivered has helped us with our sustainability efforts. We have a much clear path for the future due to this exercise.  We also completed a best practice Internal Scorecard that is used in our Monday morning meetings. The forward looking metrics allows our team to be  more proactive in operational decisions.  Two great improvement projects with the help of WMEP. Great Job !”

Tim Tumanic, President
J&R Machine (MOTY 2019)


“WMEP’s PRA™- Profit Risk Assessment is the best bang for the buck to bring to the forefront the issues that impact the profit and value of my firm. The assessment and discussion were well structured, concise and very professional and the objectives and takeaways well defined. The PRA report and recommendations were presented in an easy to understand, concise visual format.
It was a definite asset to my organization to go through this exercise!”

Ron Roehl, President
CNC Solutions


“The Profit Risk Assessment (PRA™) was an easy to use, effective tool that allowed our leadership team to evaluate key business risks.  Our team was able to quickly identify priority recommendations and opportunities for the coming year.”

Wendy Dykstra
Alsum Farms & Produce


“The WMEP PRA tool gave us a comprehensive big picture of existing risks for our business. We were able to identify and assess risk areas around multiple dimensions including customers, markets, products, productivity, strategy, scalability and financials. The tool facilitated discussions and provided management the ability to take strategic actions to mitigate risks to profitability and growth of our company.”

Aksel Sidem, President
S3 International


“[WMEP was] very good to work with, these programs have lead to many process improvements in our re-manufacturing programs.

Mike Herms, Technical support manager
Implementation Strategy on Salesforce/phone system
Space Expansion Strategy
Benchmarking Talent Development and Leadership
Welding room reorganization

Palmer Johnson Power Systems


“The [ExporTech™] experience was a great investment for the company! I would strongly recommend it to others.

Chris Bessent, DVM, CEO
Herbsmith, Inc.


“I would highly recommend working with WMEP and we will continue to evaluate using them for future projects.

Kevin Lichtenberg, CEO

Value Stream Map

Stanek Tool Corporation


“Andy Porter is a very knowledgeable instructor and a pleasure to work with. His style of teaching is engaging and enjoyable.

Jamie Mui, Director of Engineering

Value Stream Map
Gap Analysis

T-LON Products, Inc.


“The [PRA®] service provided was a foundation activity and truly an investment in our future. The results led us to additional services that will greatly impact the profitability of our organization [in the upcoming year]. It also gave our senior team a chance to view our business from various perspectives thus allowing all of our senior team to get on the same page.

Dave Hauser, COO

PRA® [Profit Risk Assessment]

SKANA Aluminum Company


“Thank you for introducing and guiding us through WMEP’s PRA® (Profit Risk Assessment) approach!  Our team found the PRA® simple yet effective. We are excited to have this “tool” to share results with all our stakeholders.

Tom Testwuide
SKANA Aluminum Company


“I think our whole experience has been fantastic and I can’t think of a way it could be improved as I feel the design and execution of your services has been top notch.

Marianna DeMyer, CEO

ExporTech™ Water Council

Roving Blue, Inc.


“ExporTech™ provided very high value in developing our long term export strategy. As an early stage hybrid technology company which integrates our system with those of truck builders our product is not “drop-in” ready. The ExporTech™ process identified key strategic markets in which to focus and the Market Assessment and Partner Search provided an organized agenda for a follow-on visit to the U.K. which yielded many promising leads for potential partners. ExporTech™ helped us launch a long-term strategy to take our product to the world market. We are very satisfied with the results and process.

John R. Petras, Director of Business Development

Odyne Systems LLC


“We used WMEP for quality management consulting. Peg Dorn was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Robert Libke, Quality Manager

BRC gap analysis
HACCP and BRC Training

Abbyland Pork Pack


“The strategic road map of ExportTech™ is outstanding it saves both man hours and investment research by following outlined templates. The network and resources – available from this program are a priceless value on to it’s own. Roxanne Baumann is outstanding. Her enthusiasm and knowledge can help just about anyone. Thank you!

Phil Gould, Sales Manager

E. R. Wagner Manufacturing Co. – Milwaukee


“I am very pleased with the entire process and with the expertise of Barry Messer.
This would not have been accomplished without his guidance and the WMEP.”

Carl Hamersma, President
ISO 9001 Implementation project

CH Welding, INC.
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company


“…I’d estimate that we’ve saved literally hundreds of thousands of dollars through our projects with the WMEP, along with improving our efficiency, creating a better work environment and improving the confidence and morale of our employees. Every project has been successful and everyone here has the highest respect and level of confidence in the WMEP team. They’re not just a group of consultants, they’re a great group of people who truly are here to help you.”

Don Lavrenz, President
Industrial Controls Co.


“My participation in ExportechTM helped me realize that Aurizon needed to standardize some of its products in order to successfully implement its export strategies.  …We are a good way down that path and expect these relationships for generate even more export sales growth for us in the future well beyond the $250,000 seen in the past 12 months.”

Greg Benrud, President
Aurizon Ultrasonic, LLC


“The ExporTech™ program was very valuable. Roxanne Baumann and her team are experts in helping companies like ours build a solid export program. We are in the early stages of executing the export plan that we developed and expect to see big returns in future years!”

Thomas Atkinson, Chief Financial Officer
First Choice Ingredients


“The (WMEP) organization is very professional, very knowledgeable. Most importantly, it is very strong in its ability to connect with employees on concepts, perspectives and tools that can be viewed as very intimidating. WMEP consultants do a great job connecting with the shop floor and helping people understand those complex tools in a very simple way and make it applicable.”

Ray Deeter, Chief Operation Officer
Klement’s Sausage


“The WMEP’s knowledge has been invaluable. The people we work with have been in the field and in manufacturing environments in different types of industry. There wasn’t a lot of tutoring necessary, they were able to walk right in an grasp what we are doing and what we need to do better.”

Michael Nebel, Production Director


“Keep doing what you are doing.  The WMEP staff are extremely talented individuals and have contributed greatly to our company’s growth and success.”

Keith Pignolet, President


“We will use the WMEP for further projects in the coming year and the future.  Great resource for any business looking to improve operations.”

Ryan Brath, President
Fischer USA


“In our company, a quality management system didn’t exist…We didn’t have any knowledge of a quality management system at all. We really needed Jen. She had the background knowledge that it took. She’s very experienced, organized, and detailed…If I were to run across anything in the future, the WMEP would be the first one I would go to.”

Nicole Swanton, Co-owner
Industrial Nameplate


“The Profit Risk Assessment (PRA™) was an easy to use, effective tool that allowed our leadership team to evaluate key business risks.  Our team was able to quickly identify priority recommendations and opportunities for the coming year.”

Wendy Dykstra
Alsum Farms & Produce


“Thank you for introducing and guiding us through WMEP,s PRA™ (Profit Risk Assessment) approach!  Our team found the PRA™ simple yet effective. We are excited to have this “tool” to share results with all our stakeholders.”

Tom Testwuide
Skanaa Aluminum


And now, a complete letter:

To whom it may concern;

My team and I have worked with WMEP for many years with great success.

We’ve completed many projects from plant floor layout, to developing manufacturing metrics to creating a marketing plan and many more.

We’ve always been impressed with not only the level of their staff but also the tools they’ve provided to us.

So, when we were approached to be a beta site for their newest tool, the Profit Risk Assessment, we jumped at the chance.

As expected, we were not disappointed.

The Profit Risk Assessment, or PRA, is a tool that helps you to objectively evaluate your company from the business perspective as opposed to the production side.

The tool, along with the objective and honest perspective provided by Jim Sullivan, helped us to take a hard look at ourselves and identify areas where we’re performing well along with areas we could improve.

Interestingly enough, a few of the items we thought we were doing well in were areas we needed to reevaluate.

Jim’s candid input helped us to realize we were vulnerable in a few areas and we quickly put some plans in place to make improvements.

What I’m most impressed with is this plan is not a sales tool for WMEP, but instead a tool they implement to truly improve the bottom line, value and security of your company.

If you need their help; they’re there.  If you can make improvements on your own, they’re happy to allow you to do so.

WMEP is an organization that truly is here to improve your bottom line.  They’re a partner like no other I’ve ever worked with.

I highly recommend WMEP.

I can be contacted at 414-313-9715 should you wish to discuss further.

Don Lavrenz Jr, President
The Industrial Companies, Inc.