Rick said that ExporTechTM provided the following benefits:

  1. “Crystallized our disparate thoughts into a plan which focused particular products into target markets.
  2. Gave us a great deal of insight into many of the day to day customer issues we would face in moving into foreign markets.
  3. Allowed us to bounce ideas off of other participants and the professional staffs of WMEP and the WI DOC.
  4. Provided insight into the great number of resources available thru the various agencies including the US DOC, WI DOC, the World Trade Organization, etc.
  5. Made us aware of all of the paperwork, the legal and banking issues involved, as well as the variety of ways to approach foreign customers successfully in these areas.
  6. Was a conduit to force us to buckle down and create goals and the plans to meet them.
  7. Great Networking!”

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