WMEP Manufacturing Solutions offers a full suite of services to assistance manufacturers with strategy development and execution, market development, and marketing/sales execution. 

Strategic Assessments

Strategy Formulation & Execution

  • Strategy Formulation
    • Obtain an objective, accurate view of your current situation and a compelling vision of your future which will motivate staff and focus energy and resources where they will have the most impact.
  • Strategy Execution
    • WMEP’s Strategy Deployment – Execution service you get an organized, proven approach to strategy deployment and execution based on best practices. Focus on the right things, hold people accountable, get results while moving towards your vision is what strategy deployment and execution is all about.
  • Financial Analysis for Profit Improvement
    • This service involves a complete and thorough review of your financial statements and processes.
    • It includes benchmarking of financial ratios against companies of similar size, industry and geography. We will study your financial statements and reports and provide insight into how they support the business and executive decision making.
    • This review highlights areas of potential profit improvement allowing for a productive discussion of options to generate incremental profits and cash flow locked up in your business.
  • Outsourced Management Services
    • Provides you with a manager or executive who is available part-time, for however long or short you need them.

Market Development & Diversification

  • Market Diversification – Targeted market research, market analysis, competitive analysis
    • This service objectively defines your company’s competitive advantage and translates that into a compelling reason to buy from you.
    • Our enhanced approach adds up-front strategic work in defining the value proposition, core competencies and competitive advantage. Our enhanced approach adds up-front strategic work in defining the value proposition, core competencies and competitive advantage.
    • Potential market segments are systematically evaluated to select the top three.
    • Primary research completed on one segment results in a formalized market diversification action plan.
  • ExporTech™
    • Start growing your business through exporting with a customized, action-oriented export expansion strategy. ExporTech is a proven path to exporting success.
    • Graduates have achieved sales increases averaging $900,000 within six to nine months after completing the program.
  • Technology-Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI)
    • Ideal for manufacturers with a unique tool, service, or technology; who are trying to reach new customers or market segments; or who are interested in business growth.
  • Market Intel, Analysis and Recommendations
    • Industry experts analyze your position in the market place and recommend your best path to take advantage of it.

Market Penetration & Execution

  • Customer Retention & Growth
    • This service defines, in an unfiltered manner, the drivers of customer retention and referrals and how your company is performing on these. Additionally, a customer pulse survey can be collected on an ongoing basis, monthly or quarterly, to determine how well customers are being served.
  • Digital Lead Generation
    • Using digital marketing strategies, drive qualified business leads for your sales team.
  • Sales and Marketing Communications and Marketing Plans and Tactical Implementation
    • Influence the customer to buy your product or service. WMEP can provide a range of services so that your marketing plan delivers successful outcomes.
  • Sales Design and Effectiveness
    • Experts layout and coach your team for strategy driven sales plans, goal setting and sets expectations.

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