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Strategy Deployment & Execution

Focusing on the right things, holding people accountable, getting results while moving towards your vision is what strategy deployment and execution is all about. With WMEP’s Strategy Deployment – Execution service you get an organized, proven approach to strategy deployment […]

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Rock Energy Systems Heats Up The Market

After Rock Energy Systems, formerly Lanair Holdings LLC, purchased its largest competitor, it decided to move the manufacturing operations of the newly acquired business to Wisconsin from Pennsylvania. With no experience in relocating a business, Rock Energy Systems turned to […]

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Bernsten Reaches New Summit with Strategic Planning

Bernsten International Reaches New Summit At the summit of Mount McKinley, there’s a survey marker made by Berntsen International. Placed there by an 8-man expedition team in June 1989, the brass disk marks the summit’s true elevation, 20,320 feet above […]

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