WMEP has been helping manufacturers with resource efficiency, productivity and making sustainability profitable for businesses. Now, together with WSBC, our suite of sustainability services supports both manufacturers and non-manufacturers to advance sustainability programs, increase efficiency and get credentials needed to integrate and operate sustainably.

WMEP has assisted more than 120 businesses implement more than 200 separate projects targeting improved resource efficiency:

  • The per project average capital investment was $83,743.
  • Average project annualized savings was $98,522.
  • Average project ROI was 18%.

We have also assisted several businesses expand their product offerings to include new and modified products that offer a sustainable advantage.
On average these products generated $7.3 million annually in new sales.


The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council is a network of Wisconsin businesses and organizations that are interested in, or actively responding to, the challenge of sustainability.

The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council is a nonprofit organization that helps businesses advance sustainable principles and practices.  We support businesses through an array of programming, education, resources and tools and are an end-to-end solution for businesses looking to integrate sustainability into the fabric of their organization.  It is our vision that the Wisconsin business community prospers by being responsible social and environmental stewards today, and far into the future.

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Green Masters Program

WSBC’s signature program, the Green Masters Program is an assessment, recognition and certification tool for business to measure, learn and improve on their sustainability journey.  It’s a comprehensive self-assessment that is scored based on the effort and impact of actions across nine categories of sustainability. This is a program that validates and certifies any businesses sustainability actions.

Program Facts:

  • An average of 150 businesses apply annually from various sectors and sizes. In 2018, manufacturing made up the largest sector of applicants at 33%, followed by professional services at 10%. Small businesses with fewer than 100 employees made up 26% of program participants in 2018.
  • Each year the top 20% of businesses in the program are recognized as Masters. The highest-level scores have progressively increased year after year. In 2013, the cutoff to reach green master status was 423 and in 2019 it was 555.
  • Businesses are moving forward on the sustainability continuum. The average score across all sectors in 2009 was 70 and in 2018 it was 464.

Businesses that have been long time supporters and reached Green Masters status include: Kohls, Kohler, Lands’ End, Madison Gas and Electric, Rockwell Automation, Evolution Marketing, American Family Insurance, Green Bay Packaging, Menasha Corporation, Mercury Marine, Kruger International, Phillips-Medisize, Covia, CNH Industrial, Lauterbach Group, UW Health, and Oshkosh Corporation.


21st Century Pathways

Today’s business innovation needs tomorrow’s thinking. This program is about positioning businesses for growth through sustainability. Designed as a five-day, hands-on, interactive workshop taught by subject matter experts, the program steps through how to right size sustainability and builds a plan to integrate sustainability, complete with ROIs.


Cool Choices™

Cool Choices™ uses a fun game-based platform to inspire individuals to adopt sustainable practices and share/celebrate those practices with peers, creating a culture where sustainability is the new normal.

AWS (Alliance for Water Stewardship) Foundations & Training Program

The Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) is a multi-stakeholder organization dedicated to enhancing water stewardship capacity and guiding, incentivizing and differentiating responsible water use.


TSC (The Sustainability Consortium)

WMEP Manufacturing Solutions is a member of TSC and a licensed service provider of their THESIS tool. We support manufacturers with their supplier performance assessments, developing KPIs and understanding how to leverage their participation in sustainability.

Learn more about THESIS at this link.


Profitable Sustainability

A comprehensive, proven program that cuts costs while enhancing the resource efficiency of your supply chain. Profitable Sustainability bridges the intersection of sustainability and profit.

  • Improve resource utilization
  • Increase profits
  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce environmental impact

Focusing on sustainability leads to significant business improvements for companies.

120 companies completing 200 projects through WMEP’s Profitable Sustainability initiative reported the following positive aggregate impacts:

  • $19,861,974 – Annualized Cost Reduction (Cost reductions came from doing more with less and increased thruput)
  • $22, 318, 747 – Annualized revenue from new products with sustainable benefit
  • $15,093,000 – Retained Sales
  • $17,151,433 – Investments in plant, equipment, new products
  • $207,000 – Annual Fuel Savings

From a sustainability perspective, these same companies reported:

  • Annual reduction in electricity use: 15,792,504 kWh
  • Annual reduction in natural gas use: 636,438 therms
  • Reduction in energy related emissions: 15,163 tons
  • Reduction in water use: 38,680, 477 gallons (major contributor was Wagner, we have a success story and video)
  • Reduction in solid waste: 18,120,478 lbs
  • Reduction in use of hazardous materials: 41,832 lbs
  • Reduction in air emissions: 33,400 lbs
  • Diesel fuel savings: 81,839 gallons
  • Reduced logistics: 485,034 miles

Jessy Servi Ortiz, WSBC Managing Director


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