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Supply Chain Advisor

When analyzing whether your Supply Chain can withstand a crisis, it needs to be examined from not only an operational perspective but from multiple angles: Capability, Capacity, Competency and Transparency.

  • Supply Sources & Relationships (1st tier, 2nd tier)
  • Material Flow and Inventory Management
  • International Transportation and Domestic Routes
  • Supplier Development (Quality, Delivery)
  • Single/Sole Sourced supply solutions
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Lead Times and Distribution
  • Manpower and Resources

Lean into a resilient supply chain.

Our process focuses on understanding your Supply Chain’s vulnerabilities and identifying what actions to take to improve resiliency. Developing a strategic understanding of your current Supply Chain along with engaging critical stakeholders such as your extended suppliers is critical to fostering transparency, collaboration, cooperation, planning, and continued operations.

Byrkit Point Supply Chain Advisors is a leading provider of advisory services in supply chain risk assessment & management, continuity of supply stabilization, strategic sourcing, and global materials management.

Supply Chain organizations need to manage the urgent continuity of supply issues while delivering “run the business” objectives to drive their company’s success. We can help companies with:

  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Action Plan development:
    Using key indicators to identify potential issues and develop rapid response action plans.
  • Rapid Response Supply Chain Stabilization:
    Provide preventative and corrective countermeasures with action plans.
  • Results Driven Strategic Sourcing | Commodity Management:
    Using a structured, cross functional process, facilitate the identification, selection and development of regional, global and near shore supply solutions.
  • Build a Resilient Supply Chain:
    Resulting in stronger, more aligned sourcing solutions to support operational and financial business requirements.
  • Drive short and long-term improvement in costs and earnings while building best practices.

Our disciplined approach has led to a solid track record with proven ROI results.

We work with all levels of your organization to identify the Gaps, Mitigate the Risks, Create Stabilization, Build Capabilities, and Ensure Sustainability.

Our Approach

We clearly and logically lay out the scope of solutions using proven methodologies, which will in turn ensure continuity of supply and improve your bottom line.

Our Process

Our success is measured by meeting expectations, closing gaps, delivering ROI results with customer facing impacts and receiving positive feedback from our clients.

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Supply Chain Programs

Making supply chains that are strong and profitable for everyone.

WMEP’s Value Chain Programs optimize an OEM’s supply chain to reduce lead times, improve quality, and improve the end-customer experience.

  • Transforms value chains to create better products/services at lower cost while creating new business capabilities.
  • Establishes a trusted network of partners and suppliers ready to quickly capitalize on opportunities.
  • Maintains open and continuous communication across the extended enterprise.
  • Engages suppliers and partners in strategic planning, sharing of customer and competitor information, and response to new opportunities.

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Get to know Jerry Thiltgen, Manager / Operational Excellence, Lean & QRM Certified

“I enjoy helping manufacturers, at a personal level, improve their performance in cost, quality and delivery by applying standardized improvement principles and tactics in a way that’s unique to them and which then becomes ingrained in their culture”.

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Get to know Jim Sullivan, Director of Business Development 

“The mission and the talent at the WMEP are at the core and helping Wisconsin manufacturers become the best in the world is something I know we can do.”







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Manufacturing Matters

Manufacturing Matters!

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