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Supervisory Skills

Enhance your skills and fill the gap with leadership development.

Good leadership is not just characterized by the ability to motivate a group toward a common goal—it’s the ability to cross over from being a person employees HAVE to follow, to a person employees WANT to follow. Our Supervisor Skills course will help develop and refresh your skills as a leader and offer a renewed outlook on true relational leadership.

Supervisor Skills Course

Leaders maximize results by earning the respect of those they lead, reducing opposition from followers, and enlisting buy-in from their teams. WMEP Manufacturing Solutions’ interactive Supervisor Skills course teaches the foundational leadership skills necessary for success.

Benefiting managers, shop floor supervisors, experienced management and more, this workshop will re-open the door to effective leadership and bridge the gap between newer and seasoned workforces, senior and junior staff, and office and plant floor associates.

This 32-hour, in-person, workshop (four eight-hour sessions spread out over a two-to-three- week period) will equip eight to twelve participants with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective leaders and supervisors. Through a self-discovery approach the participants will be acquainted with skills and tools to relate to subordinates, peers and their managers.

COVID-19 safety protocols will be strictly enforced. This includes the observance of CDC guidelines for social distancing, face masks and cleaning/sterilizing requirements.

Total cost per participant: $975.

Designed to develop successful leaders

WMEP Manufacturing Solutions’ Supervisor Skills course develops top-notch management by focusing on:

  • BEHAVIORAL CHARACTERISTICS: Learn how to deal with various types of attitudes, personalities, values and temperaments.
  • COMMUNICATION: Communication is a complex process requiring positive verbal and non-verbal techniques. Hear how to communicate more productively.
  • MOTIVATION: Employee morale and personal success is key to high productivity. Discover the purpose driven model behind motivation.
  • BUILDING BETTER TEAMS: Through a variety of activities, team members will review and discuss behavioral characteristics while building a qualified team.
  • HANDLING CONFLICT: Learn about conflict resolution, building relationships and finding ways to achieve win-win results.
  • MAKING MEETINGS WORK: Many meetings accomplish less than the resources
    they consume. This workshop will assist organizations in improving the effectiveness.
  • DELEGATION & TIME MANAGEMENT: Management roles are often expected to handle multiple projects and tasks. Learn how to better manage time and responsibilities, instead of letting them control you.
  • LEADING PEOPLE THROUGH CHANGE: Explore the essence of navigating change utilizing skillful leadership, communication, presentation and monitoring skills.
  • EMPLOYEE DISCIPLINE & ON-THE-JOB TRAINING: Learn specific elements for strong on-the-job training as well as some deadly sins to avoid when disciplining employees.

Download a printable information sheet on the Supervisor Skills Course.

Supervisor Skills Workshop Testimonials, Spring 2021

  • “This program covered many practical topics that can be useful in any environment.”
  • “This class really opened my eyes on how my behavior can influence those around me and how my attitude is contagious.”
  • “This 4-day class was an eye opener and really made you think about your employee’s and yourself.” – Mark (Krier Foods)
  • “I learned a vast amount of beneficial skills and truly think it covers a wide array of issues all leaders face. Everyone, in any position, could benefit from this.” – Kerin (Walter’s Buildings)
  • “These sections have been a true eye opener for me. It makes you feel motivated to become a better person/leader.” – Michelle (Denali Staffing)
    “Great information and Tools.” – Angel Stuart (Denali Staffing)
  • “I feel this Supervisor Skills training class has opened my eyes on how to be the manager people want to work for.” – Jamie (Tailored Label Products)
  • “This class gave me confidence that I didn’t have before.” – Luis (Denali Staffing)
  • “Touched a wide variety of different topics and gave me tools to help myself grow as an employee and as a leader. Exceeded my expectations.” – Patty (Krier Foods)

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