Having an accurate view of your current situation and a compelling vision of your future motivates staff and focuses energy and resources where they will have the most impact. WMEP has worked with hundreds of manufacturers to realize their current and future goals, and we are well positioned to help you realize yours.

WMEP Strategic Planning Services Include:

  • Financial Benchmarking & Analysis
    Provides you with comparative financials from within your same market segment. Using this data, areas of opportunity can be found and defined.
  • Visioning – Working with your organization’s leadership we will help you develop or refine your Vision, Mission and Core Values.
  • Strategy Formulation – We can assist with the development of:
    • Comprehensive situation analysis of both external and internal factors
    • Customer and competition analysis
    • Prioritized SWOT analysis
    • Identification of strategic issues
    • Subsequent strategic initiatives
    • Action plans and strategic triggers
    • Scenario analysis

Strategy Execution

We can help you execute your strategy within your organization, setting the stage for integration into the performance management system.

Questions a strong strategic plan can answer:

  • What are the main drivers affecting the competitive environment in which you are operating, and what impact might they have on your company?
  • Where are the greatest growth opportunities for your organization?
  • What plans do you have for capturing growth opportunities?
  • How agile is your business when responding to changes in the marketplace?
  • How are you positioned to profit from technology changes impacting your industry?
  • How are you set to adapt to the changing workforce dynamics?


See how WMEP has helped clients achieve their Strategic Planning Goals:

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