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Strategic Workforce Planning

Working with the WMEP, your Strategic Workforce Plan will help your company proactively build a workforce to meet production and internal demands. Benefits include managing attrition rates due to a tight labor market; proactively addressing the looming retirement bubble; ensuring that workforce costs are aligned with desired metrics; and becoming a more attractive workforce destination when recruiting against key competitors.

Without a workforce plan, manufacturers will find themselves in constant catch-up mode and subject to high costs and risks with turnover and replacement when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees. Workforce Planning is far more than having a hiring plan or posting jobs. Developing a comprehensive plan is a necessary first step.

The redeployment of existing talent can be especially beneficial and offer a strategic alternative to solving a real or perceived shortage of talent. There are often existing employees who have untapped talent or can be trained to do other jobs or take on additional roles. It may take some creativity, but the answer to many workforce needs can be right in front of you by optimizing the existing talent on hand.

Additionally, through a tools-driven and facilitated process, we partner with our clients to categorize roles within the organization and identify the key roles that have the greatest impact on driving business success. From there, we work with our clients to build succession plans for key roles – including”ready now” and more “longer term” candidate identification.

Elements of Strategic Workforce Planning include:

  • Taking a tools-driven, methodology-based, and data-focused approach
  • Mapping business strategy to a people plan
  • Analyzing, forecasting and developing plans to identify talent and resources needed in terms of the size, type and quality of workforce
  • Leveraging automation to optimize workforce planning
  • Incorporating the key activities:
    • Defining workforce supply through a skills inventory and other workforce analytics
    • Identifying and prioritizing gaps between workforce supply and demand
    • Developing workforce planning strategies to close the gaps
    • Identifying opportunities to redeploy talent throughout a company

Download a printable information sheet on Strategic Workforce Planning.

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