When you work with the WMEP, you’re accessing the knowledge and expertise of specialists who possess a wealth of real-world experience in manufacturing – along with the credentials and education that demonstrate commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.


Bennett Syverson
Carolyn Haney
Gina Schultz
John Stampen
Linda Gatson
Lori Hansen
Marcus P. Neumaier
Rich Rovito
Tammy Schwarzbauer
Tim Wiora

Field Staff

Andy Broderick
Andrew Porter
Barry Messer
Bill Bryant
Bill Seleen
Carol Crawford
David York
Doug Snodgress
Eric Decker
George Bureau
Greg Gasper
Herb Hannam
Jen Arnold
Jerry Thiltgen
Jim Sullivan
Lindsey Trickey
Mark Hatzenbeller
Mark McDermid
Michelle Jaeger
Peg Dorn
Randy Bertram
Roxanne Baumann
Stephen Smiley
Wil Cox


WMEP people work hard are very considerate and always go the extra distance to get the job done.  I have recommended them to professional friends of mine and will continue to do so.  Excellent group of people who are well versed and in the end … they bring solutions!!” – Walter Barger, V.P. Operations, Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc.