Senior Consultant

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Mark has more 30 years of experience working with manufacturers, both as an employee and as a Director in the Wisconsin Bureau of  the Department of Natural Resources promoting sustainability in the state’s manufacturing sector.

Skill Set:

  • Sustainability development and integration with management systems


  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources program management and systems development
  • Recognition of Environmental Results from manufacturing and business
  • Production manager, Cray Computer Corp.


Bachelor’s degree in political science and history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I am most at peace when on the move enjoying natural beauty, cultural diversity and life long learning. Food is a passion I experience and explore daily with great abandon. I am the most entertained and challenged when my grandchildren specifically and young people generally (most of the population when one is my age) remind me of the joy that discovery and learning can bring. I have come to understand that I don’t always need a destination, sometimes I just need to get on the bicycle and ride. Good things always happen along the way.

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“I have used WMEP in my current position/employer as well as at previous employers and the results are always the same; they assign qualified people to the project.  They evaluate your needs very well and they LISTEN extremely well.  That is hard to find these days it seems.   I enjoy working with their people because they don’t waste time and they offer alternatives to difficult challenges.  – Walter Barger, V.P. Operations, Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc.