Operational Excellence, Lean, QRM Certified

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Skill Set:

·         Operations Management

·         Lean Manufacturing

·         Quick Response Manufacturing

·         Employee Development, Training Within Industry

·         Lean Project Facilitation, Consulting and Training


·         Plant Manager for a fabrication Job Shop serving large and small Original Equipment Manufacturers with double-digit yearly growth and ISO and military quality specifications.

·         Director of Manufacturing Operations for a building systems company, consistently registering/realizing significant growth and success metrics over a 13-year period

·         Master scheduling, industrial engineering and shop floor plant management

·         Consulted, facilitated and assisted in hundreds of improvement projects in hundreds of manufacturers in Lean Techniques such as: Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Quick Changeover (QCO), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), 5S, Plant Layout, Lean Culture, Lean Leader Development, Continuous Improvement and Problem Solving. Also delivered Supervisory Development training and assistance utilizing Training Within Industry and Quick Response Manufacturing for job shop situations (low volume-high variety).


·         Trained and developed personnel in principles and techniques of Leadership, Lean, QRM and TWI

·         Trained in Lean Techniques such as: VSM, QCO, TPM,5S, plant layout and problem solving

·         Facilitated hundreds of Lean training sessions in a mix of public and private settings and venues


Bachelor of Science degree in industrial management from Northern Illinois University.

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