Develop employee engagement throughout the enterprise

Changing the way your business operates means working with people. Experts estimate that 80 percent of becoming a customer-focused business is culture-related. The way employees work, their attitudes toward work and change, their relationships with each other and management — it all has an impact on how well (or poorly) change is adopted and sustained. WMEP offers specific solutions focused on the “people” issues involved in business transformation.

A Winning Culture:

  • Focuses on the customer. Employees should have a clear understanding of both internal and external customers. How the external customer is served ties directly to how internal customers are served.
  • Is totally committed to continuous improvement: To reach this level of commitment, all employees need to be involved in the improvement process. This means keeping them engaged in the process and creating a receptive environment for risk-taking and sharing of opinions.
  • Communicates a clear vision for the company to all employees. Senior management can demonstrate to employees how their daily tasks relate to the vision.
  • Ensures everyone knows their roles by setting clear standards and expectations. The expected behaviors within the organization must be unambiguously communicated. The new culture is now customer-focused, and the commitment to continuous improvement is genuine and permanent.
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