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Supply Chain Programs

WMEP’s Value Chain Programs optimize an OEM’s supply chain to reduce lead times, improve quality, and improve the end-customer experience.

Why are Supply Chain Programs important?

  • OEMs that optimize their supply chain can reduce lead times, improve quality, and improve the end-customer experience

Which Wisconsin manufacturers can benefit from these services?

  • OEMs looking strategically at their supply chain as a value chain
  • OEMs wanting to incorporate demand-driven operations versus forecast-driven operations
  • OEMs wishing to establish or strengthen end-to-end partner communications and collaboration rather than deal with silos of information

What are examples of some of the key services that WMEP provides in this area?

  • Value Stream Mapping with Manufacturing Critical Path Time (MCT) to reduce lead times
  • MPX – Capacity optimization modeling
  • 8D Corrective Action Resolution to gain quality advantages
  • Value Chain Management to align lean suppliers

Why should I consider WMEP for these services?

  • WMEP has delivered over 440 supply chain projects with over two dozen different OEMs.
  • On average, these projects have resulted in a 43% reduction in overall lead times.

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Get to know Jim Sullivan, Director of Business Development

“The mission and the talent at the WMEP are at the core and helping Wisconsin manufacturers become the best in the world is something I know we can do.”







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Get to know Wil Cox, Senior Manufacturing Specialist, South Region

“The strength of a company’s organizational culture is one of the most powerful competitive advantages. If you can build and preserve an innovation-adept culture, a culture of commitment to continuous improvement, where employees passionately pursue the organization’s cause and mission, you will be positioned for success as a Next Generation Manufacturer. I enjoy helping companies to become as good as any competitor in the world, and just a little bit better, quicker, smarter, and more responsive than the rest. Next Generation Manufacturers can choose their battles and compete on their own terms. They are in control of their own destiny.”







Get to know Andy Porter, Manufacturing Specialist, South Region

“It is a great feeling when our clients tell me all they’ve accomplished after we finish a project. Often, it is cost savings or increased output, or better quality. However, what is most satisfying is when a client says it feels like everyone, perhaps for the first time, is really working together to solve problems or to get the day’s work done. That’s when I know we’ve made a difference for the people working in our client’s company.”








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