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  • Is your leadership team aware of and focused on what protects and drives value?
  • What’s the value of your business?
  • How does your company stack up on to the factors that drive value?
  • What factors  pose a risk to the profitability and future value of your business?

The WMEP’s PRA® PLUS-Profit Risk Assessment provides an estimate of your firm’s value and defines the factors that drive profitability and value of your organization. 

Identify and proactively manage risks that threaten your company’s continued profitability and increasing value.

The PRA® PLUS Process

Our strategic partner, Taureau Group, will independently develop an estimate of your firm’s value based on upon four methods.

Our Business Growth expert will facilitate a discussion with your leaders that evaluates your company’s performance and risk relative to these factors.  These evaluations are validated with your team. At the report out-meeting you will receive a 2-page summary report of the session with recommendations and an estimate of company value.

PRA® PLUS – benefits include:

  • Focusing attention on the factors that drive profitability and value in your organization
  • Reaching consensus within your leadership team on areas of greatest opportunity/risk
  • Identifying specific actions you can take to improve your profitability and value
  • An objective, outside your organization, assessment
  • Completing a PRA® PLUS is quick and easy and low cost/high value

Our Guarantee:

We are so confident that your organization will find our PRA® PLUS valuable that we guarantee it.  If you aren’t satisfied that participating in our PRA® PLUS was beneficial to your organization, we will refund the cost of the assessment. 

Feel free to download and share our info-sheets on PRA® and PRA® PLUS.

Get to know George Bureau, Vice President –  Consulting Services

“What drew me to the WMEP is its excellent reputation, the opportunity to work with great people and most importantly the vision and commitment to make a real difference in growing Wisconsin manufacturing through a range of consulting services,” – George Bureau

Get to know Eric Decker, Business Development Leader

“The organization’s mission to help improve and strengthen Wisconsin’s manufacturers aligns very closely with my own. I’ve known the WMEP and its staff through my various roles over the years and have always had a lot of respect for the organization.”

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