Growth in the manufacturing sector is being driven by exporting. The WMEP can help you determine if exporting is right for your company and if so can guide you through the steps of becoming an exporter. The WMEP and our partners can help your company:

  • Anticipate the threats and opportunities presented by globalization and responds with offensive/defensive capabilities
  • Engage in multiple foreign markets for export, sourcing and partnership opportunities
  • Engage staff and develops partnerships capable of successfully operating in foreign markets
  • Leverage partnerships/alliances for maximum market penetration, complementary business capabilities, business intelligence and opportunity identification


The Five P’s of Global Engagement

  • Develop a PLAN: Regardless of where you are today, ExporTech – WMEP’s customized exporting strategy development tool – will take you to the next level of revenues.
  • Understand the PROCESS: There is a clear process for creating increased revenues.
  • Identify your best in-demand PRODUCT: What has the best chance of export success?
  • PEOPLE: Internal, channel partners – who do you need to involve?
  • Work with knowledgeable PARTNERS: WMEP is a valued member of Wisconsin’s Extended Export Partnership team.


WMEP’s Director of Global Engagement, Roxanne Baumann, talks about the importance of exporting for Wisconsin manufacturers.

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Get to know Roxanne Baumann, Director of Global Engagement

“My passion is coaching and mentoring Wisconsin’s manufacturers so they can achieve competitive parity in all the Next Generation Manufacturing attributes to arrive strong and viable in 2015 and beyond. Making Wisconsin the best economy for manufacturing energizes me every day. Working strongly with Wisconsin SME’s on strategies to improve systems, win business, increase profitability, and realize solid ROI; is so rewarding and challenges my personal best daily. I want my career legacy to be someone who clearly ignited action and growth in our states manufacturers to embrace exporting and global engagement and enjoy the profits from doubling their exports in the next 5 years.”

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