Identify and pursue opportunities in alignment with your organizational capabilities and direction.

WMEP offers a number of services to help manufacturers generate winning strategies and plans to capture market based opportunities including:

  • Strategic Planning – The process of an organization defining its strategy and making decisions on asset allocating its resources to pursue this strategy.
  • Growth Planning – Analyzing a company’s market position and implementing a plan based on a strategy to increase market share or market penetration utilizing existing and/or new products and markets.
  • Strategy X-Matrix – The purpose of the Strategy X-Matrix is to develop and implement plans that are both strategic, tactical and coordinated across the organization. The X-Matrix also ensures that there is ownership and accountability at all levels and accountability.
  • Change Readiness Assessment – The purpose of a change readiness assessment is to analyze the level of preparedness of the conditions, attitudes and resources at all levels of an organization needed for change to be successful. Identifying potential barriers and aids to change can help organizations put together plans and tactics that can increase the likelihood that the desired change will occur.
  • A3 Problem Solving process – A simple yet systematic approach for solving problems on a single A3 (11×17) sized paper, providing a visual depiction of the problem and steps towards solution.
  • 80/20 – The 80/20 rule dictates that 80% of something (e.g. profit) is attributable to 20% of something (e.g. customers or products). Identifying and focusing on the critical 20% that drives success in organizations allows organizations to work on areas with the greatest returns for their efforts.
  • FINTEL – A powerful financial tool that offers a comprehensive picture of your company’s financial performance. Utilizing data from 900,000 businesses you can confidentially compare your business to others in your industry; create and test what if scenarios; analyze liquidity and financial health rankings.

Get to know Wil Cox, Senior Manufacturing Specialist, South Region

“The strength of a company’s organizational culture is one of the most powerful competitive advantages. If you can build and preserve an innovation-adept culture, a culture of commitment to continuous improvement, where employees passionately pursue the organization’s cause and mission, you will be positioned for success as a Next Generation Manufacturer. I enjoy helping companies to become as good as any competitor in the world, and just a little bit better, quicker, smarter, and more responsive than the rest. Next Generation Manufacturers can choose their battles and compete on their own terms. They are in control of their own destiny.”







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