The WMEP offers a number of services to help manufacturers generate, develop and launch new products and/or services to the market.

  • Develop Product/Service
    • 3P – Production, Preparation and Process
      The three Ps stand for Production, Preparation and Process in product engineering and manufacturing process design. In 3P these elements of product development are merged. Design engineers within a manufacturing team employ a lean product development process that extends from product design through product production.
      Read how HMA Fire used 3P to develop a new product and set up a new manufacturing facility (to7.7.1.17)
    • MSOE Rapid Prototyping Service
      The Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Rapid Prototyping Center (RPC) places world-class rapid prototyping technology within the reach of small and midsize manufacturers for a fraction of commercial cost. Through WMEP’s membership in MSOE’s Rapid Prototyping Consortium, small and midsize manufacturers are able to purchase hours for prototyping services through WMEP at a discounted rate. Creating a prototype of a new product helps manufacturers shorten product development time, resolve design flaws and save money because prototypes made of plastic or similar materials are often less expensive than building an actual part.
  • Generate Pipeline
    • Lead generation

Read the NSF findings on the importance of innovation in manufacturing – Innovators Lead the Way

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