Influence the customer to buy your product or service. WMEP can provide a range of services so that your marketing plan delivers successful outcomes.

Website Development

WMEP works with partners that have a proven track record of serving manufacturers to deliver interactive websites tailored to your business.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process used to rank websites at the top of the search results, for specific keyword search queries. WMEP can help you optimize your web presence.

Public Relations

Public relations can be the primary marketing tactic for some firms and a support tool for others, depending on the marketing strategy. Press releases, coverage of company events and product releases can provide customers with information they may not receive through advertising and other forms of marketing communication.

Brand Management

Once a product or company has an established meaning to the customer, it is critical that this meaning is maintained and reinforced to ensure it is not crowded out by competition.

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing has become one of the most reliable way to communicate with customers.  With this tool, you know which customers responded to the communication and what prompted their response, essentially pre-qualifying the lead.

Content Development/Writing

It is essential to make sure each customer communication is attention getting, clear and to the point so that the few seconds they spend reading or hearing your message have an impact.

Social Media

There was a time when many in the manufacturing industry did not consider social media as a part of their communication toolbox. Today savvy manufacturers are finding that as the global economy transitions online, a digital social media strategy has become more important. Social media channels can include LinkedIn for both your company and you as an individual along with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, Google+ and more. Focusing on what platforms your customers are using is a smart first step.

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