Develop a culture to engage employees in continuous improvement and the success of your business.

Changing the way your business runs is about more than just moving machines. It means working with people, too. Experts estimate that 80% of becoming a customer-focused business or Lean enterprise is culture-related. The way employees work, their attitudes toward work and change, their relationships with each other and management — it all has an impact on how well (or poorly) change is adopted and sustained. WMEP offers specific solutions focused on the “people” issues involved in business transformation. It’s critical to ensure that the time, effort and money you put into your change efforts aren’t wasted.

A Lean Culture:

  • Focuses on the customer. Employees need to understand who the customer is. They have internal customers also. How they serve the external customer is directly tied to how they treat each other internally.
  • Is totally committed to continuous improvement: For this kind of commitment to occur, all employees need to be involved in the improvement process. This means keeping them enthused about the process and creating a receptive environment for them to make suggestions and take risks.
  • Communicates a clear vision for the company to all employees. Senior management needs to identify the vision and help employees understand how their daily tasks relate to the vision.
  • Ensures everyone knows their roles by setting clear standards and expectations. The expected behaviors within the organization need to be spelled out. It should be clear that the new culture is now customer-focused, and that the commitment to continuous improvement is genuine and permanent.

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Lean Office

Office functions — order entry, quoting, scheduling, design and engineering, purchasing and accounting — can take up 70% to 95% of the total time it takes to manufacture a product. In today’s marketplace, you can’t afford this kind of waste and delay! Lean Office will make you as efficient and responsive in your office as you are on your factory floor, help you cut lead times, increase customer responsiveness, improve on-time delivery and get more done!

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