Save money and increase efficiency with market-proven, Lean manufacturing tools and best practices.

Lean identifies and eliminates waste while delivering dramatic results through continuous improvement.

The typical results of Lean are often dramatic:

  • Lead times cut 50-75%
  • Productivity raised 50-100%
  • First pass yields increased to over 95%
  • Cut costs or increase capacity without adding resources
  • Positive cash flows
  • Reduce inventories 50% or less, more than doubling your turns

Customers want more value for less money, even as the cost of materials and energy rise. Go Lean.

WMEP’s Lean Manufacturing Services include:

Value Stream Mapping

Looking to uncover waste and find out how to best streamline your manufacturing process? Value stream mapping (VSM) is the key. VSM, which allows you to take a high-level view of your process or value stream — then diagnose problems and implement changes — is the best way to identify the right areas for improvement so you can get lean and maximize your productivity.

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Quick Changeover

In today’s hyper-speed economy, manufacturers must be more responsive than ever to the constantly changing demands of their customers. Reducing batch sizes is the key. But with most manufacturers, changeover time is getting in the way. WMEP’s Setup Reduction/Quick Changeover can help. It reduces your batch sizes and WIP (Work-in-Process) as well as the amount of time your employees spend setting up machines to run new batches or orders. Don’t let changeover delays take a bite out of your profits.

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Kaizen is a Japanese word that means means “Continuous improvement of a process to create more value with less waste.”

“Kaizen Events” are quick-turnaround, high-impact, intensely focused Lean implementations designed to produce quick results — usually in five days or less — in capacity expansion, cost reduction and flexibility. With more than 10 years of experience implementing Lean in manufacturing facilities across Wisconsin, WMEP brings solid implementation skills, methods, and a strong results-oriented approach to your business.

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Cell Flow Optimization

Cell Flow is a quick-results technique designed to radically improve your ability to build multiple products with minimum waste. It rearranges equipment and workstations to support a smooth flow of materials and components with minimal transport or delay — replacing traditional batching which slows down your processes. Cell Flow makes your company more competitive by shortening production lead times, saving factory space that can be used for other value-adding purposes, and promoting continuous improvement by addressing problems that block flow. Our manufacturing experts have implemented cell flow in hundreds of manufacturing firms across Wisconsin.

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Lean Six Sigma

Having problems with long lead times, poor cash flow, low profitability, increased customer complaints, excessive returns or low first pass yields? Do you spend more time firefighting than improving? Do you lack the hard data to support decision-making or gauge progress? For issues that spring from waste and variation, there’s no better solution than Lean Six Sigma. Designed for small and midsize manufacturers, Lean Six Sigma is a comprehensive business improvement system that combines the speed and flexibility of Lean with the data-driven analytical tools of Six Sigma. It increases precision and reduces variability, driving speed, quality and cost simultaneously across your enterprise.

Are you interested in learning more about WMEP’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt Certification Series? Check our events and workshop calendar to for upcoming sessions.

Total Productive Maintenance

One of the critical building blocks of the Lean process, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is an easy-to-implement system that allows you to increase your equipment’s capacity by 25%-60%, reduce maintenance costs by 10%-50%, eliminate overtime shifts and increase productivity and profits — all while preventing unexpected and potentially catastrophic machine breakdowns. Maximize your productivity and take a proactive approach to unplanned downtime with TPM!

Total Productive Maintenance Info Sheet

5S Visual Management

Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain — these are the 5S system’s basic steps to workplace organization and standardization. Based on a simple set of visual cues, 5S/Visual Management helps you quickly locate tools, materials, information and quantity limits, identify issues before they become problems and create ownership for your operators. This proven set of techniques will also help you improve quality, reduce changeover time, improve safety, improve employee morale and reduce storage costs, cycle time and machine down time.

Find out how Dalco Metals saved $50,000 as a result of 5S.

HVLV Consulting Services

High Variety Low Volume (HVLV) Manufacturers have been feeling the pressure of smaller, more frequent orders for more SKUs with shorter expected lead times. Other trends like increased raw materials and energy costs can add even more challenges. Yet some have managed to respond to these higher customer expectations, maintaining dependable on-time delivery, without additional costs or resources.

WMEP can help you make these valuable gains with proven tools and techniques that fit your specific needs. WMEP has assisted over 2,500 Wisconsin manufacturers including many in HVLV environments with improvements that gain them real, sustainable results.

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a companywide strategy to cut lead times in all phases of manufacturing and office operations. It can bring your products to the market more quickly and help you compete in a rapidly changing manufacturing arena. It will increase profitability by reducing cost, enhance delivery performance and improve quality.

QRM’s overarching focus on time as the guiding management strategy is ideally suited for companies offering high-mix, low-volume and custom-engineered products. In fact, many companies making highly customized products and/or a high variability in their product mix have used QRM as an addition to existing Lean, Six Sigma, and other improvement efforts.

Long lead times come with many hidden costs – much more than most managers realize. For almost 20 years, QRM has helped companies of all sizes and industries uncover the causes for long lead times and provided tools to eliminate them.

QRM provides a full set of tools to reduce unnecessary lead time in all areas of your operations – from shop floor, to office operations, accounting, engineering and new product launches. This will, in turn, allow your organization to gain a competitive advantage in the global market, as well as provide you with a better opportunity to compete with low-wage countries.

QRM enables organizations to exploit strategic variability and compete in markets requiring high levels of customization. Building on Lean’s focus on dysfunctional variability, it takes the strategy to the next level.

HVLV Info Sheet


Lean Training Services

WMEP provides a range of Lean Training Services, including “Principles of Lean Manufacturing Workshop”, “Principles of Lean Manufacturing Overview”, and “Lean Culture” as well as workshops focused on any of the Lean practices, including 5S, Pull/Kanban, TPM and so on. Just contact us, and we can provide on-site training tailored to your needs.


Lean Transformation

WMEP’s approach, Lean Transformation, renders immediate results by combining several Lean tools for maximum effect. Lean Transformation also sustains improvement by building a Lean Culture and converting employees to Lean disciples – not just believing in it, but practicing it and spreading the word.


Lean identifies and eliminates waste while delivering dramatic results through continuous improvement.

WMEP’s approach, Lean Transformation, renders immediate results by combining several Lean tools for maximum effect. Lean Transformation also sustains improvement by building a Lean Culture and converting employees to Lean disciples – not just believing in it, but practicing it and spreading the word.

WMEP’s Lean Transformation process is a simple, highly effective methodology that can help your company to achieve dramatic financial results through ongoing operational improvements.

When you implement your action plan to attain Enterprise Business Transformation goals, you will see before you a nimble, responsive and efficient organization.

  • Using an advanced diagnostic tool, key operational improvement potentials are identified with corresponding financial benefits. Then your “current state” business performance is benchmarked against thousands of other companies as well as your industry peer group.
  • Next, the positive financial outcomesyour company can realize through achieving higher performance benchmarks are provided in a written report. The EBT Specialist reviews the report with you to create a full understanding of the results.
  • Finally, key competitive priorities and action plansare generated to achieve success. A clear vision of the untapped potential in your company and a roadmap to achieve improved performance is created.

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