Quick Changeover, also referred to as SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies), is a lean manufacturing technique designed to improve your efficiency in your manufacturing procedures.

Your organization will learn quick changeover/setup reduction methodologies and practice the set-up reduction principles in a selected project within the plant operations.

Benefits of reduced changeover time extend beyond the direct reduction of inventory to include:

  • Reduced lead times and improved responsiveness to customers.
  • Flexibility to respond to changes in demand.
  • Improved product quality from quicker information feedback.
  • Improved visual control and plant communication.
    Reduction of indirect costs for material movement, counting, and transaction processing.


  • Participants will understand Set Up Reduction principles, which they will be able to apply to reduce changeover time in their operation.
  • The supporting project typically results in the reduction of set up times of 50% or more.
  • The knowledge gained in this workshop and project, if implementation continues, leads to an understanding of continuous improvement projects further reducing set-up times.

Download a printable information sheet on Quick Changeover/Set Up Reduction.

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