Is your company really good at solving problems because you get a lot of practice solving the same problem over and over again?

Do you struggle with high variability/scrap, recurring issues, or inefficient business processes?

Do you have customer that require corrective action to complaints using 8-D?

Problem Solving for Continuous Improvement may be your solution. 

Whether it’s Basic Problem Solving using tools such as: Problem Definition, Is/Is Not, Cause & Effect Diagramming, 5 Why’s.

Depending on the situation, it can be a more structured approach using the A-3 format, or a very structured approach using the 8-Disciplines. Discipline using structured problem solving tools are proven methods to solve problems, reduce cost and minimize waste.

Whatever problem solving approach you choose, WMEP will mentor you in the use of the tools. Our approach to training is to apply each tool to your business as personnel learn about the tool.

Eight Disciplines Info-Graphic


  • PLAN – Plan a change
  • DO – Carry out the change
  • CHECK – Verify if the change was effective
  • ACT – Adopt the change or make modifications

Case Study: Rolled Threads Unlimited Streamlines with Lean Kaizen

Case Study: Industrial Controls Co. Embraces Change to Boost Productivity

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