Establishing a culture of continuous improvement has many benefits:

  • Quality improves
  • Waste is reduced
  • Employee engagement and retention go up
  • Costs go down

Training leaders and employees in the principles and practical tools of Lean Manufacturing through WMEP’s Onsite Workshop can be an essential first step. Combining training on Lean topics and the practical “factory” simulation experience, attendees will learn about the basics of Lean Manufacturing and will explore the eight wastes of manufacturing. Lean concepts included in the training are:

Lean concepts included in the training are:

  • Standardized Work
  • Workplace Organization
  • Visual Controls
  • Set-up Reduction
  • Batch size Reduction
  • Point-of-Use Storage
  • Quality at the Source
  • Workforce Practices
  • Pull Scheduling Systems


How does it benefit your organization?

A company with a strong culture of Continuous Improvement can successfully address many challenges.

Employees are engaged in making the systems they intimately work with more effective and efficient.

Non-value-added steps and rework are reduced or eliminated.

On-time deliveries become a priority.

Quoting accuracy increases.

Best of all, the benefits of this approach are ongoing, leading to sustained and ongoing improvements.


How does this work?

The training session presents a strategy used to improve a manufacturer by increasing the efficiency of the entire organization. It is a complete look at the interdependence of the systems, processes, and efficiencies of your organization. Up to 20 company employees can attend. Attendees will experience and understand the basics of Lean Manufacturing through conceptual training and hands-on simulation. Participants will walk away understanding the eight wastes of manufacturing, and in a train-and-do-manner, learn how to apply the principles of lean to eliminate those wastes.

This Workshop is available in two formats.

The Principles of Lean Manufacturing Workshop described above, and The Principles of Lean Manufacturing Overview, which provides an overview of Lean Concepts in a shorter session.

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