The WMEP’s PRA-Profit Risk Assessment defines the factors that drive profitability and valuation for your organization.  It helps you identify and proactively manage risks relative to your company’s continued profitability and valuation.

  • Is your leadership team aware of and focused on what protects and drives value?
  • How does your company stack up on to the factors that drive value?
  • What factors  pose a risk to the profitability and future value of your business?

Businesses are typically valued  with a multiplier of EBITDA.  This multiplier is driven by the industries businesses operate in, their current/past levels of profitability, and by how well they manage risks that could affect their future profitability.

Our Business Growth expert will facilitate a discussion with your organization’s leaders that evaluates your company’s performance and risk relative to these factors.  These evaluations are validated with your team, and upon completion of the assessment you will receive a 2-page summary report of the session findings complete with follow-up recommendations.

PRA – benefits include:

  • Focuses attention on the factors that drive profitability and value in your organization
  • Reaching consensus within your leadership team on areas of greatest opportunity
    and risk
  • Identification of specific actions you can take to improve your organizations profitability and overall value
  • Low cost, high value evaluation
  • Quick and easy to complete

Our Guarantee:

We are so confident that your organization will find our PRA PLUS or PRA™ valuable that we guarantee it.  If you aren’t satisfied that participating in our PRA PLUS was beneficial to your organization, we will refund the cost of the assessment. 

Feel free to download and share our info-sheets on PRA™ and PRA™ PLUS.

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