The September, 2020 WMEP Manufacturer Pulse Survey showed a decline in business for 67% of respondents.

67% of Wisconsin Manufacturers surveyed* in September 2020, indicated their business is down compared to last year.  

Pivot2Revenue is a service designed to find new ways for manufacturers to increase revenue.  As part of the Cares Act**, Pivot2Revenue is now being offered to Wisconsin Manufacturers at no charge ($3,000 value).

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Have you identified ways to generate more revenue for your company in the new normal?

What are you doing to pivot your business right now and over the long-term?

Is your team all on the same page or are they busy working in the business not on the business?

Of the Wisconsin Manufacturers participating in the Pulse Survey* in September 2002, 67% indicated their business was down compared to last year. Pivoting is about turning toward business opportunities that your company can be uniquely positioned to address and generate revenue in the new normal.

WMEP’s Pivot2Revenue (P2R) Assessment helps your company identify the factors that drive revenue.

Through this guided assessment WMEP assists your company to identify sales and revenue opportunities.  Our facilitated discussion with your organization’s leaders evaluates your company’s growth performance and risk relative to the four dimensions of revenue expansion. These evaluations are validated with your team, and upon completion of the assessment you will receive a 2-page summary report of the session findings complete with actionable recommendations.

Pivot2Revenue Assessment – benefits include:

  • Focuses attention on the activities that can generate revenue fast in your organization
  • Identify specific actions you can take to improve your revenue
  • Low cost, high value evaluation
  • Quick and easy to complete

* Source: WMEP Manufacturing Solutions September 2020 – Manufacturer Pulse Survey

** Under the CARES act, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, a Federal Agency) has awarded an EAP (Emergency Assistance Program) grant to WMEP Manufacturing Solutions. The grant funds projects to help small and mid-size manufacturers recover from the Covid19-Economic Crises.

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