Pivoting is about finding a different way to generate revenue from your products/services.

  • Using the same product or service to solve a different problem for the same customers (Customer Pivot).
  • Using the same product or service to solve a similar problem for a different customer (Market Segment Pivot).
  • A move to wrap a product with revenue generating services or vise versa (Product vs Services Pivot).
  • Creating a new product to sell to a new market (Diversification Pivot).

The WMEP’s P2R – Pivot2Revenue Assessment defines the factors that drive revenue.

Identify the fastest ways to more revenue for your company. Guided questioning conducted by WMEP to identify sales and revenue opportunities as demand recovery will be unpredictable and uneven, particularly across geographies, sectors, products, and categories. A pivot is all about turning toward business opportunities that a company can be uniquely positioned to address. With this service, WMEP is helping clients  determine potential activities for a successful and impactful Pivot2Revenue.

WMEP will facilitate a discussion with your organization’s leaders that evaluates your company’s performance and risk relative to the four dimensions of revenue expansion. These evaluations are validated with your team, and upon completion of the assessment you will receive a two-page summary report of the session findings complete with follow-up recommendations.

Pivot2Revenue Assessment – benefits include:

  • Focuses attention on the activities that can generate revenue quickly in your organization
  • Identify specific actions you can take to improve your revenue
  • Low cost, high value evaluation
  • Quick and easy to complete

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