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21st Century Pathways

When: October 10, 2019 all-day
Where: The sessions will rotate between the Retzer Nature Center and the Global Water Council. Please see below for detailed location information.

Integrating Sustainability into Decision Making   When: All session date times are from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm daily Thursday, October 10 – Retzer Nature Center Thursday, November 7 – Retzer Nature Center Thursday, January 9 – Global Water Center[…]

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In the Eye of the Fire

By: Jennifer Huergo May 28, 2019 “In experimental fire research, some of the most compelling data you can get is the visual data from video and photography,” says Matt Hoehler, a research structural engineer at the National Institute of Standards […]

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4 Steps CEOs can Take to Engage and Retain Millennial Talent

By: Bridgette McCormick Jan 3, 2019 Strategy House With fewer graduates choosing trade careers and the age gap in the workforce widening, the manufacturing industry has collectively been struggling to attract, engage and retain new talent. The industry-wide workforce shortage […]

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The Periodic Table: It’s More than Just Chemistry and Physics

May 28, 2019 By: Ben P. Stein This is the International Year of the Periodic Table, and while I’ve been (accurately) accused of being a physics fanboy, I’m here to tell you that this famous chart isn’t just about physics, chemistry […]

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Operational Excellence

Cost, Efficiency and Continuous Improvement Programs for Operational Excellence Manufacturers that are focused on becoming more successful continually find ways to improve, whether this means increasing productivity, reducing waste and environmental impact, or increasing speed and responsiveness. The result is […]

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Lean Transformation

Lean identifies and eliminates waste while delivering dramatic results through continuous improvement. WMEP’s approach, Lean Transformation, renders immediate results by combining several Lean tools for maximum effect. Lean Transformation also sustains improvement by building a Lean Culture and converting employees […]

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Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

 Uncover waste and find out how to best streamline your manufacturing and office processes. VSM, allows you to take a high-level view of your process or value stream — then diagnose problems and implement changes — is the best way […]

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Quick Changeover/ Set Up Reduction

Quick Changeover, also referred to as SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies), is a lean manufacturing technique designed to improve your efficiency in your manufacturing procedures. Your organization will learn quick changeover/setup reduction methodologies and practice the set-up reduction principles […]

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Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Extend Equipment Life and Productivity with TPM One of the critical building blocks of the Lean process, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is an easy-to-implement system that allows you to increase your equipment’s capacity by 25%-60%, reduce maintenance costs by 10%-50%, […]

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Problem Solving For Continuous Improvement

Is your company really good at solving problems because you get a lot of practice solving the same problem over and over again? Do you struggle with high variability/scrap, recurring issues, or inefficient business processes? Do you have customer that […]

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