WMEP Outsourced Management Services provides you with a manager or executive who is available part-time, for however long or short you need them. 

The role is defined exactly as it sounds: a manager who devotes part of his/her time to a company for any number of purposes. 

The service can be used for short term projects or as assistance in managing and leading teams or for the longer time periods performing either strategic leadership or ongoing tactical execution. 

Our outsourced team members work as part of your management team and are responsible for getting you results. 

 Outsourced Management Services are used for many different reasons:

  • Timely support when you need it, access to talent without the ongoing expense and commitment. 
  • Short-term ramp-up; expertise means you can address challenges and opportunities quickly now.
  • Access to knowledge of best practices; helps reduce risk and improves confidence.
  • Help with strategy and implementation only when you need it. 

 Why our clients use WMEP’s Outsourced Management Service:

  • Costs less than a fulltime employee in a similar role
  • Gain access to special skills; someone who can hit the ground running
  • Not a one size fits all; step in, perform the work and scale back as needed
  • Gets you a fresh, objective perspective on your organization fast

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Get to know Marie Mansheim, Senior Consultant

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