icon-services-cultureThe WMEP helps your organization achieve a Winning Culture by assuring that your workforce and talent development programs are in alignment with your business strategies and objectives.


Why is workforce culture so important?

  • Talent, workforce, and labor force issues can be significant barriers to growth. In fact, original WMEP research identified talent as the number one barrier to growth for Wisconsin manufacturers.

Which Wisconsin manufacturers can benefit from these services?

  • Any manufacturer that needs help addressing talent engagement strategies to better align its workforce with its business strategies
  • Manufacturers experiencing significant overtime with current staff due to difficulty in filling open positions
  • Manufacturers experiencing disruptive turnover
  • Manufacturers that don’t feel they have the talent they need to fulfill their current and/or future business objectives

What are examples of some of the key services that WMEP provides in this area?

  • Individual and organizational assessment and training

Why should I consider WMEP for these services?

  • WMEP is experienced in transformational operational excellence and connects human resources into operational plans
  • Because WMEP offers a full line of complementary services, it can recommend specific steps to address any gaps that are identified
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Get to know Wil Cox, Senior Manufacturing Specialist, South Region

“The strength of a company’s organizational culture is one of the most powerful competitive advantages. If you can build and preserve an innovation-adept culture, a culture of commitment to continuous improvement, where employees passionately pursue the organization’s cause and mission, you will be positioned for success as a Next Generation Manufacturer. I enjoy helping companies to become as good as any competitor in the world, and just a little bit better, quicker, smarter, and more responsive than the rest. Next Generation Manufacturers can choose their battles and compete on their own terms. They are in control of their own destiny.”






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