icon-services-growthRevenue growth and increased margins are achieved with the help of the WMEP through development of a customized growth plan which could include: product differentiation, market expansion, new product development, customer focused innovation and/or speeding up your company’s international “go to market” timeline.

Why are Growth programs important?

  • WMEP’s growth programs provide a course of action for jumpstarting or accelerating growth including revenue growth
  • Customer diversification helps stabilize earnings and demand for products
  • Growth through innovation and technology is an increasingly successful strategy
  • Ninety-five percent of consumers are outside of the United States, and non-U.S. markets are growing more rapidly than the U.S. market
  • Global markets present an opportunity to grow revenue and sales through your existing product lines

Which Wisconsin manufacturers can benefit from these services?

  • Any manufacturer with a high percentage of revenue coming from a select few customers
  • Any manufacturer with commodity products or services interested in transitioning to more differentiated, higher-margin products or services
  • Any manufacturer with a value-added product that wants to establish a proactive approach to global markets
  • Any manufacturer with revenue growth goals that will not easily be met by focusing primarily on current markets, perhaps because it faces high levels of competition in domestic markets, price pressure, and/or flat or declining demand
  • Any manufacturer lacking a solid understanding of its customers’ needs, its key points of difference, and a plan for marketing to current and prospective customers

What are examples of some of the key services that WMEP provides in this area?

Why should I consider WMEP for these services?

  • WMEP can integrate strategic plans or marketing plans into your operational plans.
  • WMEP has the expertise to help you identify and explore new markets, products, and applications of existing technology.
  • There are no other programs providing global growth strategy development to Wisconsin manufacturers at the C-level.
  • Average results for manufacturers that have pursued global growth include $900,000 in increased sales within the first nine months, which exceeds the national average.
  • WMEP can demystify the global growth process and fast track you to identifying the best three or four expansion markets for your products; we also introduce you to a resource network, vet your plan with experts, and stay with you to remove any roadblocks should you get stuck.
  • With the WMEP’s breadth and depth of experience, and comprehensive suite of services we have the ability to develop customized solutions that integrate with each clients growth and business objectives.
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