icon-services-costCost and Efficiency outcomes are achieved through a variety of WMEP program offerings such as Lean, Six Sigma, sustainability best practices and certifications. These programs can help you reduce costs while improving quality and profitability.

Why are Cost and Efficiency programs important?

  • Increasingly, consumers, large retailers, and OEMs are demanding lower costs and improved sustainability from the companies from which they buy
  • Increased efficiency and lower costs is a key to continued profitability through fluctuating demand and maturing markets.
  • Lean and six sigma can help create a culture that is focused on continuous improvement and cost savings
  • The market for more sustainable products is estimated to be $5 trillion and growing
  • Younger employees are attracted to businesses that are environmentally and socially responsible

Which Wisconsin manufacturers can benefit from these services?

  • Any manufacturer facing pricing pressures or fluctuating demand for products
  • Any manufacturer managing supply chain risk, including conflict materials, water use, and regulatory compliance
  • Any manufacturer with high energy, water, and resource intensity; those with high scrap and rework; and those with a high cost/volume of waste to land fill
  • Any manufacturer who is supplying an OEM or other large customer who has environmental performance on their supplier scorecard
  • Any manufacturer who would like to reduce its carbon footprint
  • Any manufacturer looking to reduce its cost of manufacturing, such as those with excessive scrap, large amounts of customer returns, and those with wide variations in its manufacturing processes
  • Any manufacturer looking to decrease its lead time and increase its on-time delivery performance
  • Any manufacturer with overcapacity or under-capacity issues
  • Any manufacturer being faced with higher quality requirements from customers

What are examples of some of the key services that WMEP provides in this area?

Profitable Sustainability

  • On-site sustainability assessment and action planning
  • WMEP’s Profitable Sustainability portal is under development


  • On-Site and Public Offering sessions on Six Sigma and PPAP Certifications based on group size


  • Lean overview
  • Lean 101, Lean 102
  • Six sigma
  • QCO
  • TPM
  • Cells
  • Plant Layout
  • Standardized work
  • Pull Kanban
  • Kaizen
  • Lean Office
  • Visual Workplace

Why should I consider WMEP for these services?

  • WMEP has helped hundreds of Wisconsin manufacturers achieve efficiency gains through implementation of lean, six sigma, certification, and other productivity and quality focused method
  • Past sustainability participants have achieved a three to one return on dollars invested.
  • WMEP offers a comprehensive resource intensity model focused not just on one element of sustainability (such as inputs), but the entire value chain
  • WMEP uses data from your company to solve a problem, and training is customized and delivered on-site at your facility
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