With WMEP’s Six Sigma Certification you can dramatically
improve quality throughout your business.


  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification: $3500 per person ($500 discount for additional participants from the same organization) Includes access to WMEP Six Sigma E-Learning website and our LSS Green Belt book.

Benefits of WMEP’s Six Sigma Certification Series include:

  • Typically results in an immediate and high ROI
  • Uses a unique blended learning model featuring one-on-one mentoring from Master Black Belts to optimize participant success
  • Increases an employee’s value to the organization

If your company struggles with high variability/scrap, recurring issues, or inefficient business processes, Lean Six Sigma could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Lean Six Sigma GreenBelt and Black Belt Certifications contain proven methods to minimize waste and reduce costs.

WMEP Lean Six Sigma training is proven to reduce costs:

The average ROI from WMEP mentored projects is $50,000.

WMEP’s blended learning model highlights:

  • The series includes eight sessions of in-class training by Certified Master Black Belt and BlackBelt trainers.  These trainers provide expert mentorship and use this time to talkthrough the participant’s individual projects and ensure everyone understands which tools to use throughout their current or future projects.
  • Provided learning materials include: a training guide text book, lifetime access to WMEP’s online Six Sigma eLearning modules that provide a resource for tools, templates, test study materials and certification test taking.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt candidates are required to lead a real-world Six Sigma project that is properly scoped to be completed within four months and has an appropriate level of financial impact to their organization.

Talent development and increased contributions:

  • Participants learn to identify and lead both projects and other team members to increase their contributions and value to the organization.

Graduates of WMEP mentored Six Sigma Green Belt training programs have seen an average reduction of approximately $50,000 in their company’s cost of manufacturing.

Learn how to apply Lean Six Sigma techniques and develop a solid continuous improvement plan for your company. Unlike other courses, WMEP’s program gives you the opportunity to work through your own company’s process and immediately begin applying these techniques as you learn and includes personalized mentoring.

The WMEP Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Guide

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Develop a culture of problem elimination
  • Solve problems using statistical tools
  • Reduce costs and sustain those savings
  • Achieve full Lean Six Sigma Black or Green Belt Certification


Case Study: Triton Trailers Success With Green Belt Training

Continuous Improvement Manager Tony Schellinger

“The main reason we decided to go with WMEP is, first and foremost, its value. The WMEP also has a stronger hands-on network. The consultant we worked with had years and years of experience using the tools in the industry. With other providers, you might only get a textbook approach. That really made the difference.”

Tony Schellinger, Continuous Improvement Manager – Triton Trailers LLC




Case Study: Klement Sausage Company – Changing Company Culture in Order to Succeed

“WMEP has a structured approach to continuous improvement. It’s more of a grassroots approach that says we are going to connect with people on the floor and we are going to help them understand these tools in a different way.”

Ray Deeter, Klement COO

Case Study: Interview with Gavin Bence from Tailored Label Products regarding Green Belt Certification.


Get to know Eric Decker, Business Development Leader

“The organization’s mission to help improve and strengthen Wisconsin’s manufacturers aligns very closely with my own. I’ve known the WMEP and its staff through my various roles over the years and have always had a lot of respect for the organization.”

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Get to know Jen Arnold, Consultant – Master Black Belt

“I love to learn, teach and mentor and the WMEP is a great avenue to be able to do that.”






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Get to know David York, Account Manager

“I work directly with the staff of client companies to help them become leaner and more effective. These skills are of great benefit to the companies and the employees.”







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