Mark McDermid Senior Consultant Sustainability

By Rich Rovito

Mark McDermid has been elected to serve a three-year term on the Alliance for Water Stewardship Technical Committee.

In the role, McDermid, who serves as a senior consultant in sustainability for WMEP Manufacturing Solutions, will offer a unique perspective to the current and next iteration of the Water Stewardship Standard. His participation will bring additional exposure to WMEP Manufacturing Solutions throughout the world.

The Technical Committee is the representative body of members responsible for providing balanced stakeholder oversight of matters relating to the integrity and quality control of the AWS system. Specifically, it is responsible for reviewing and making decisions on matters relating to AWS Standard, guidance material and assurance processes.

The committee is also the primary body responsible for resolution of disputes within the water stewardship system.

The Alliance for Water Stewardship is a global membership collaboration comprising businesses, non-governmental organizations, and the public sector.  Members contribute to the sustainability of local water resources through their adoption and promotion of a universal framework for the sustainable use of water – the International Water Stewardship Standard, or AWS Standard – that drives, recognizes and rewards good water stewardship performance.

McDermid has more 30 years of experience working with manufacturers, both as an employee and as a director in the Wisconsin Bureau of the Department of Natural Resources promoting sustainability in the state’s manufacturing sector.