Survey closes tomorrow, June 12th!

The Manufacturing Careers Partnership is seeking input on a Welding 1010 Survey.   Any manufacturer that employs welders, is encouraged to participate in this 15-minute, multiple choice survey to share information about its pre-employment qualifications when hiring entry-level welders.

This survey should be completed by, or with, someone who has a thorough understanding of the specific technical knowledge and welding skills that a candidate must demonstrate to be considered for employment.

Please complete the survey or forward this email to the most appropriate person for completion by June 12.


Manufacturing Careers Partnership lists three compelling reasons to complete the survey.

1. Raise the visibility of the state-wide need for qualified welders.

2. Have a voice in how welding curriculum is developed in your region.

3. A chance to win Brewers tickets – all respondents are entered into drawing to win MMAC’s Brewers tickets.  Two survey participants will win 2 tickets each.

Survey Sponsorship

This survey is conducted by the Manufacturing Careers Partnership, a new business voice to address manufacturers’ larger needs for industry talent, while tackling specific high-demand areas of skills development.  MRA-The Management Association, is a partner conducting the survey.   To see a growing list of survey partners, click here.

The MCP is brought to the region by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) with the support of the Milwaukee 7.  To learn more about the MCP and its Pilot Project, click here.  If you have any questions regarding the MCP, please contact Shelley Jurewicz, VP Economic Development at [email protected].