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Driving Business Success Through Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence

By Rich Rovito Today, manufacturers have unprecedented availability of data due to the growing use of computerized equipment, shop-floor control software and business systems. This offers manufacturers significant opportunities to make intelligent, data-driven decisions for gaining competitive advantages. “Yet, most […]

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Transformational Productivity Initiative Assessments – Value & Insights Gained

By Rich Rovito The Transformational Productivity Initiative is designed to help manufacturers systematically address lagging productivity, a declining workforce,adoption of automation, and digital technology. A key first step in the TPI journey is the initial assessment, which helps organizations create […]

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Key Note Speaker for Manufacturing Matters! 20/20: Steve Brown, ‘The Bald Futurist’

Cutting-edge technological advances, from using augmented reality to train factory floor workers to leveraging blockchain technology to enhance products throughout their lifecycle, are set to alter the course of manufacturing. “Technology will reshape every business on the planet, including manufacturing, […]

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NIST Releases Version 1.0 of Privacy Framework

Tool will help optimize beneficial uses of data while protecting individual privacy. January 16, 2020 Our data-driven society has a tricky balancing act to perform: building innovative products and services that use personal data while still protecting people’s privacy. To […]

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NIST Publishes 2018 Department of Commerce Laboratories Technology Transfer Report

December 31, 2019 The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued the U.S. Department of Commerce’s (DOC) 2018 Annual Report on Technology Transfer. The report describes the outcomes of transfer efforts from DOC’s three research laboratories — NIST, the […]

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A New Playbook for Interference

NIST scientists correlate photon pairs of different colors generated in separate buildings. December 17, 2019 Particles can sometimes act like waves, and photons (particles of light) are no exception. Just as waves create an interference pattern, like ripples on a […]

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NIST Releases Data to Help Measure Accuracy of Biometric Identification

December 12, 2019 New biometric research data — ranging from fingerprints to facial photographs and iris scans — is now available from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Stripped of identifying information and created expressly for research purposes, […]

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Leveraging Your Data As a Foundation for Manufacturing ROI

Data and analysis don’t have to be complicated to yield bottom-line benefits Author: Janelle Farkas November 12th, 2019 According to the International Institute for Analytics, businesses that use data will gain $430 billion in productivity benefits over competitors who aren’t using data […]

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NIST Develops New Standards to Improve Metal-Detector Testing

Robots and spheres can provide better results, save time and money. November 06, 2019 Metal detectors now appear routinely in the entrances of many schools, airports and even houses of worship. They serve as portals to correctional facilities, prisons and […]

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NIST ‘Big Data’ Framework

NIST Final ‘Big Data’ Framework Will Help Make Sense of Our Data-Drenched Age Framework supports the creation of tools that can be used in any computing environment. October 29, 2019 To improve approaches for analyzing very large quantities of data, […]

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