NGM Study Provides Key Information for Wisconsin Manufacturers

Madison, Wis. (Aug. 8, 2013) The Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership is providing manufacturers an opportunity to compare themselves to similar manufacturers in key strategic areas by participating in the 2013 Next Generation Manufacturing (NGM) Study.

The NGM Study, also conducted in 2009 and 2011, tracks survey data in the six areas identified as critical to manufacturing success, known as the Next Generation Manufacturing Six. The study focuses on the strategies that help manufacturers capture competitive advantage and tracks best practices that support world-class performance. The Study results will provide national metrics in all six areas based on company size, allowing manufacturers to compare their performance to similar businesses across Wisconsin and across the country.

Manufacturing executives can participate in the NGM Study by completing a free, quick and confidential online survey.  After completing the survey, manufacturers receive a free Performance Report or “scorecard” that describes how they rank against world-class performance benchmarks and targets improvements where needed.

Study results will help state and federal stakeholders develop and implement policies and programs to support successful Next Generation Manufacturing in Wisconsin in the coming years.

“Manufacturing plays a substantial part in Wisconsin’s economy,” said Buckley Brinkman, executive director of the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership. “Our manufacturers impact nearly half of the state’s economic activity and led the recovery from the Great Recession.”

Focusing on the pillars of Next Generation Manufacturing is essential to the ongoing growth of the state’s manufacturing sector, Brinkman said.

“Manufacturing is more demanding than ever,” Brinkman said. “Manufacturers must master all the elements of Next Generation Manufacturing in order to survive in the future, and success requires continuous benchmarking and improvement.”

The NGM Study is part of a national research effort coordinated by the American Small Manufacturers Coalition (ASMC), theAssociation for Manufacturing Excellence, in partnership with the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership and MEP centers across the nation.  The study is conducted by The Manufacturing Performance Institute Group (MPI), a global research firm and thought leader on manufacturing performance, management and customer value.

Participation in the survey is free and respondents are not required to share financial information.  For more information, please visit:  The survey is open through August 29.