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Mike Evans | Thrive and Excel in the Age of Disruption.

By Rich Rovito

Agility, innovation and a willingness to reinvent their businesses are key hallmarks of companies that have been successfully navigating the challenges of operating during the coronavirus pandemic, according to renowned motivational speaker and author Mike Evans.

“With everything that has happened over the past 11 months, there is a real strong need for individuals, teams, departments and entire organizations to adapt, be agile, innovate and reinvent themselves in order to continue to thrive in this world of work that we are dealing with right now,” Evans said.

“This is the age of disruption. Things are changing and those white waters of change aren’t going to stop any time soon.”

Evans works with organizations to equip them with new ways of thinking and provides them with models, tools, principles and methodologies that that they can adapt and embrace and put into play immediately to become more effective in achieving their desired results.

“We’ve been able to pinpoint best practices, some new ideas and proven fundamentals,” Evans said.

Evans will deliver the opening keynote address at WMEP Manufacturing Solutions’ Manufacturing Matters! virtual conference on Feb. 25.

With more than 20 years of experience working alongside some of the world’s most renowned thought leaders, Evans has developed his own unique perspective. He is a leading authority on unleashing personal and organizational accountability, as well as accelerating change, increasing employee engagement, and focusing on how to flawlessly execute key strategies.

Companies need to willingly embrace and manage change. Standing still can have devastating consequences, Evans warned.

Over the past two decades, some jobs have been completely abolished or eliminated or are no longer necessary because of software,” Evans said. “Robots, globalization, outsourcing, the internet. You look at some of the brick-and-mortar companies that used to thrive and no longer exist because of the advent of the internet.”

Businesses like Blockbuster Video, which once dominated the market, have all but disappeared because they became complacent and have been replaced by streaming services that offer another, more convenient way of doing business, Evans pointed out.

“There is an enormous wealth of ways of doing business and every organization, and even individuals, need to be thinking about what skills and competencies and new ways of working we need to adapt and embrace to continue to thrive because complacency is extremely dangerous, even if you are currently successful. If you continue doing things the same way, somebody is going to reinvent it and you may be on the outside looking in.”

Evans focuses on equipping audiences with proven best practices adopted by high-performing teams, organizations, and individuals to thrive and stay a step ahead of the competition.

“There is this mindset that we are so good that no one is going to take over our market share,” Evans said. “The next thing you know, they don’t even exist anymore. How do we create a culture within our organization and a mindset and a way of thinking that incorporates these best practices so that we don’t fall into that trap of maintaining the status quo or complacency where another business snaps up our market share overnight and we never even realized it.”

Best practices have applications across nearly almost all types of industries, including manufacturers, he said.

“I have worked with manufacturing environments. It depends on what an organization is looking to accomplish or focus on,” Evans said. “There are manufacturers out there and most of them are focused on service and quality and making sure they are meeting the specifications and tolerances of whatever they are manufacturing. Somebody else out there is manufacturing products that are similar, so what is it that makes your product distinctive in this sea of sameness.”

Evans’ speeches and work feature strong messages focused on leading and managing change.

“The session will include some of those fundamentals that have been proven over 30 years and have allowed organizations to implement hacnge and create an environment where people at every level go above and beyond what is required to help best accomplish change,” Evans said.

Leaders need to position and communicate change into the heads and hearts of those they lead, he said.

“How do we propel our organizations to the next level and get everybody completely engaged to the point where they are taking personal accountability and ownership and are aligned where we want to go and choosing to take the appropriate actions daily to help us get there,” Evans explained.

Evans, who resides in Pittsburgh, has also authored a book, Achieve with Accountability, which is described as a personal handbook for awakening the inner confidencedriveperseverancedeterminationresolve and can-do mindset of individuals, teams and organizations.

“It’s prescriptive and pragmatic,” Evans said. “The way the book is actually designed is it there is a lot of storytelling about actual clients and individuals who have taken these concepts and put them into play to achieve the results they want. We try to make it very easy for anybody that is reading this to put these ideas, methodologies and principles into play quickly.”

There will always be a constant need for change and improvement among successful businesses.

“Companies are thirsting and craving for new ways to innovate and continue to get better and better,” Evans said. “You can’t sit still and rely upon your reputation because there is a lot of competition.”