Colin Wilson

“The exciting part about working at WMEP is that the organization has an entire tool chest to help manufacturers solve their issues. The team is extremely knowledgeable about helping manufacturers improve their business by using the right tool for the job, not just the tool that they happen to be holding.”

A senior consultant with WMEP Manufacturing Solutions, Colin helped develop the organization’s Automation Advisor services to help Wisconsin manufacturers create strategies for industrial automation.

Where he can help:

While manufacturers of all sizes can benefit from implementing automation into their processes, the benefits differ based on industry and core competencies.

“Facilities with a high cost of quality benefit from the repeatability of automation. Manufacturers with resource limitations can benefit from increased throughput from automation, which allows them to redeploy their labor force to where it adds the most value to the process.”
Colin Wilson

Automated cells can also provide a competitive advantage and position manufacturers as industry leaders to both their customers and employees and can help protect workers from dangerous or repetitive tasks on the shop floor.


Wilson has more than 13 years of experience in manufacturing automation, from field service and applications support to developing custom automation equipment. He has worked with small manufacturers just starting down the automation path through multinational corporations seeking to optimize their value streams.

Colin’s skills include:

  • Robotic handling and assembly
  • Dispensing/filling
  • Web handling
  • Metal forming and custom machining
  • Product packaging
  • Continuous motion assembly systems
  • Automated welding systems
  • Custom process automation

He has experience in array of markets including: Medical and life sciences; consumer products; contract manufacturing, appliance; industrial; and automation and transportation.

What others have to say:

“Colin is an invaluable advisor to Wisconsin manufacturers on taking the mystery out of automation and accelerating its implementation”
George Bureau, WMEP Manufacturing Solution’s Vice President of Consulting Services


WMEP’s Automation Tech helped us identify and prioritize high return, low-risk projects for our company.Their efficient, thought-provoking program provided the tools we needed to move confidently forward.We have begun implementation on two projects and are excited to see the final results!
Dave Reiter, A to Z Machine’s General Manager

Get to know Colin Wilson:

A resident of Belleville, Wisconsin, Wilson earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois and remains active in the school’s Formula SAE program, an engineering design team competition for undergraduate and graduate students in which they develop a small Formula-style racecar. Wilson donates machining time and materials to the program.

Outside of work, Wilson enjoys cooking a batch of wings while watching his favorite sports teams – the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Red Wings.

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