The experts at the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) have designed a program that conducts a cybersecurity assessment of your business as it pertains to the NIST 800-171 requirements and provides the necessary deliverables.

1. Demonstrate Completion of Assessment. WMEP creates an assessment at the beginning of the entire process, which serves as a focal point for all proof documentation. This lays out the NIST  800-171 requirements your company must follow. A Gap Analysis also is included, which helps your company understand how you are currently compliant to the standard.

2. Draw Up a Plan of Action and Milestones. This puts plans in place for how you will implement corrections within your business and ultimately reach full compliance.

3. Creat e an Incident Response Plan. The seven steps of an Incident Response Plan include preparation for future incidents, identification of incidents, containment
of issues, investigation, eradication, recovery and follow-up. This provides your company with ways of identifying and handling cyber-attacks.

4. Complete a System Security Plan. This identifies current and established controls as well as plan controls to comply with NIST 800-171.

Let WMEP assist you in taking the required steps towards compliance to ensure your organization keeps its contracts, remains eligible to bid on new contracts and protects its information. Contact WMEP today at 608.354.1346 or [email protected] to get started.