Lean identifies and eliminates waste while delivering dramatic results through continuous improvement.

WMEP’s approach, Lean Transformation, renders immediate results by combining several Lean tools for maximum effect. Lean Transformation also sustains improvement by building a Lean Culture and converting employees to Lean disciples – not just believing in it, but practicing it and spreading the word.

WMEP’s Lean Transformation process is a simple, highly effective methodology that can help your company to achieve dramatic financial results through ongoing operational improvements.

Depending on the needs of your business and your team, Lean Transformation can include a range of Lean Training Services, including:

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When you implement your action plan to attain Enterprise Business Transformation goals, you will see before you a nimble, responsive and efficient organization.

  • Using an advanced diagnostic tool, key operational improvement potentials are identified with corresponding financial benefits. Then your “current state” business performance is benchmarked against thousands of other companies as well as your industry peer group.
  • Next, the positive financial outcomes your company can realize through achieving higher performance benchmarks are provided in a written report. The EBT Specialist reviews the report with you to create a full understanding of the results.
  • Finally, key competitive priorities and action plans are generated to achieve success. A clear vision of the untapped potential in your company and a roadmap to achieve improved performance is created.

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“The organization’s mission to help improve and strengthen Wisconsin’s manufacturers aligns very closely with my own. I’ve known the WMEP and its staff through my various roles over the years and have always had a lot of respect for the organization.”

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