WMEP’s Leader Training and Coaching program is tailored to empower Existing and Emerging Leaders with the strategies, tools and wisdom needed to inspire team members to do and be their best.

Leadership is a quality that comes from a place deep within – the place where purpose, passion and discipline intersect. It is a quality that requires development and refinement. Connecting to this potential is important because how a leader performs and communicates matters: What they say, how they act and react, and how they engage others creates a ripple effect.

Great leaders build trust, and trust is the foundation for building high performing teams.

This unique leadership program is designed to empower managers with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Develop a high-performing team
  • Build trust
  • Establish accountability
  • Facilitate problem-solving discussions
  • Communicate to inspire others
  • Manage and resolve resistance
  • Deliver effective feedback
  • Coach others to higher performance
  • Lead change
  • Leverage strengths

Programs are tailored to the level of leadership.

Real-world situations will be leveraged as case studies and skill building activities to integrate learning. Each participant will receive two hours of personalized coaching each month to fast-track competency refinement and allow for immediate application.

This program is facilitated by executives who have a proven track record of successfully growing profitable businesses where the best in class talent wants to work.

Program graduates will experience:

  • Higher confidence
  • Improved team accountability
  • Quicker issue resolution
  • Greater enthusiasm, engagement, and overall happiness
  • Better individual and team productivity
  • More effective communications
  • Improved teamwork and collaboration
  • Faster talent development

Executive Track

“While I have been through other leadership programs, I picked up a number of very important strategies and tools for improving how I lead and support my organization. The stories and examples shared from [real world experiences] made the information relatable and I’m taking many of these ideas back to the organization.”

This custom-designed program will empower CEOs and Executive level leaders with:

  • A system for operationalizing strategy and creating flawless execution so clients are consistently delighted.
  • Critical insights for leading, inspiring, and building a high-performance culture.
  • Strategies to improve business velocity.
  • An approach for aligning all business functions around the strategic goals to build a “One Company. One Team.” mindset.
  • A process for creating a culture of accountability where top talent excels and they invite their friends to join the company.

“I now have strategies for aligning organizational goals into effective execution. I also better understand the importance of building trust at all levels.”

A 2011 Harvard Review School study revealed that CEOs spend 60% of their time in meetings and 25% on the phone or at public events, leaving 15% for everything else including reflective thought. Yet, reflective thought is necessary for long-term success. Unlike critical thought, which is needed to solve an immediate problem, reflective thought is needed to birth new insights, identify new paths for success, and generate ideas that lead to a bold, bright future.

“The session was above and beyond my expectations. Just a superb job!!”

This executive leadership program infuses thought provoking insights and proven strategies with reflective thinking so executives identify the necessary action steps that result in higher productivity and profitability. The program agenda will be developed in collaboration with you so the right information is presented in the right way to make the biggest change happen.

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