kai·zen  /ˈkīzən/  noun
  1. a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, a process to create more value with less waste, etc.

Lack of capacity? Limited resources? Are you too busy to become better?

Are there improvement projects you never seem to get to because of limited internal resources and expertise?

Is your business limited because of issues that never seem to get addressed?

We can help you in this time of limited available labor and expertise.

WMEP’s consultants will join you as your internal expert to facilitate, lead and implement needed improvement activities whether in the front office or on the shop floor.

We can discuss and assess your needs, create a realistic project plan, and drive the implementation of that plan meeting the identified goals.

Not only will we get you up and running on the improvements quickly, we will get your staff pulling in the same direction, creating a more productive and profitable operation.

This is a multiple-day (typically three-five), intensive, on-site, improvement event. WMEP consultants will lead this effort for you. It includes:

  • Assessment of your company’s needs
  • Creation of a project plan
  • Full implementation of the plan involving a limited number of select company staff
  • Share the results with leadership

We’ve helped hundreds of manufacturers with Rapid Improvement, we can help you too.

This event is designed for Quick-Payback and there is an immediate impact on the bottom line. The economic benefits will be impressive and there is an ongoing ROI.

If your company does not see a demonstrable improvement, there is a money back guarantee.

Download the WMEP Quick-Hit™ Rapid Improvement Event info-sheet here.

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Get to know Eric Decker, Business Development Leader

“The organization’s mission to help improve and strengthen Wisconsin’s manufacturers aligns very closely with my own. I’ve known the WMEP and its staff through my various roles over the years and have always had a lot of respect for the organization.”

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