Automation & Technology Page Content
H2: Automation Service & Assessments


TYRI Cobot in action

H2: Cybersecurity

H2: Technology Services & Assessments

WEM Controls at Gallagher Plant

Growth & Strategy Page Content
H1: Manufacturer Growth & Strategy Solutions

Image of meeting room discussing sales growth and strategy.

H2: Strategic Assessments

3D illustration of a conceptual maze. Shortcut between points A and B or finding the shortest path concept.

H2: Strategy Formulation & Execution

H2: Market Development & Diversification

H2: Market Penetration & Execution

Human Capital Page Content

H1: Human Capital Manufacturing Solutions

Image of manufacturing instructions via human capital.

H2: Culture & Leadership Assessments

Photo of workers

Our Services
H1: WMEP Human Capital services help manufacturers recruit, retain, engage and develop their employees.

Image of Triton Trailers employees assembling a trailer.

Operational Excellence Page Content

H1: Manufacturing Operational Excellence

Operational excellence image of visual project management

H2: Our Services

Sustainability Page Content

H1: Manufacturing Sustainability Solutions

H2: Sustainability Business Improvements

Photo of solar panel installation at Letterhead Press

H2: Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council

WSBC Sustainable Business Conference Audience photo

H2: Assessments and Programs

Photo of meeting at Crave Brother Cheese

Exporting Page Content
H1: ExporTech™

Patriot Taxiways Industies Accepts The President's E Star Award

H2: Quick Overview

Credit: iStock/Tryaging

H2: Why Export?

Gamber-Johnson’s New Building

H2: WMEP Exporting Stats

Photo of cargo ship

exporting increases sales

H2: Exporting Assessment

Exportech graduates

Lean Page Content
H1: Lean Manufacturing

Image of Tonly Schellinger from Triton Trailers, continuous improvement and culture

ITS President Tom describes changes to the plant layout.

ITS President, Tom describes changes to the plant layout.

H2: Assessments and Programs

Photo of Aluminum Blanking Company continuous improvement

Productivity Page Content
H1: Transformational Productivity Assessment

H2: Benefits of increasing productivity

H2: Transformational Productivity Initiative (TPI)


Profit Risk Page Content
H1: Manufacturing Profit Risk Assessment

H2: The PRA® PLUS Process

Quality Management Systems Page Content
H1: Quality Management Systems

Birchwood Foods employees working

H2: Benefits of ISO certification

Revenue Page Content
H1: Manufacturing Revenue Assessment

Image of team conducting Revenue assessment

H2: Benefits

Carousel assembly photo for Triton Trailers

Supply Chain Page Content
H1: Supply Chain Programs for Manufacturers

Photo of Bel brand Cheese

H2: Supply Chain Advisor

Teel Tooling selection image of employee selecting tool

Quick Hit Rapid Improvement Page Content
H1: Quick-Hit™ Rapid Improvement Event

Photo of Quick-Hit-Rapid-Improvement-class