Is attracting and retaining talent necessary to grow the business a struggle?

Lacking a pipeline of  “next level” leaders to drive the future of your business?

Does your company face challenges in successfully driving organizational change?

Are you getting the ROI from your investment in your people?

Create processes and programs that help you identify, attract, motivate, develop, and retain individuals capable of making a significant contribution to your organization’s success.

Significant cuts in senior and mid-manager roles during the Great Recession have led to a heightened need for strategic succession planning.

Diagnose critical workforce skills and competency gaps through:

  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Identifying key and core positions
  • Developing succession plans
  • Building HR programs to deliver on the business needs driven by talent shortage requirements
  • Building the employee value proposition and employer brand
  • Building plans for redeploying staff within the organization to optimize workforce talent
  • Creating a high-performing culture that drives business success

Employee Experience:

See results in greater employee engagement and retention through the design and implementation of strategically-relevant, performance and rewards-driven human capital programs.

Key services include:

  • Talent Management/Workforce Planning
  • Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Succession Planning
  • Organizational Design
  • HR Operations and Optimization
  • Leadership Development
  • Employee Training & Development
  • Performance Management Programs
  • Change Management
  • Executive Coaching

How you succeed is unique to you, your company and employees.
Custom processes and programs can be created to reflect that need.

Create processes and programs that help you meet your unique company and employee goals which will contribute to your organization’s success.

Customized services available include:

  • Talent/Workforce Planning Roadmaps — Based on Your Strategic Business Objectives
  • Training Curriculum Design — Mapped to Your Competency Models/Job Roles
  • Retention Value Analysis
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Competency Models and Career Paths — Mapped to Your Organizational Structure
  • Executive 360/Upward Feedback Programs

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Business Development Leader

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