Quick Response and Lean Manufacturing 

High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) Manufacturers continually feel the pressure of increased raw materials cost, foreign competition and customer demands for lower prices and more value. Some have managed to reduce cost, improve throughput, and increase profitability by leveraging continuous improvement throughout all areas of their business. With the expertise of WMEP, they have developed powerful, targeted strategies that get results.

If your company experiences:

  • Increased raw materials cost
  • Increased foreign competition
  • Customer demand for lower cost
  • Customer demand for increased quality

WMEP can help you achieve:

  • 50% reduced lead times
  • 75% reduced setup times
  • 50% increased WIP Inventory turns
  • 20% increased capacity

How it works

WMEP can help you make valuable gains with effective tools and proven techniques that fit your specific needs including elements of Lean Manufacturing. HMLV manufacturers can and do benefit from Lean. Whether an initial 5S to organize workspaces or a Value Stream Map to reveal bottlenecks in your processes, Lean can be effectively applied to provide continuous improvement in high mix/small volume job shop environments. In addition, specialized tools for HMLV manufacturers like Process Matrix, Capacity Planning & Scheduling and the use of supermarkets, for example, have proven successful on the shop floor of many custom manufacturing operations throughout Wisconsin.

WMEP also focuses on areas of your business that you may not have considered. Many custom manufacturers start with Lean Office to improve administrative functions like quoting, designing/engineering, and prototyping to achieve dramatic results. Another area to target is outside your factory walls: your suppliers. After making your own improvements, you may find that your suppliers need to catch up. WMEP’s Supply Chain Improvement provides an effective and systematic approach to optimizing supplier performance and, in turn, your own performance.

Case Study: Marsh Electronics reduces lead times, increases volume and realizes additional dramatic results thanks to QRM

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