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Talent Management, Joe Brown:  February 18th Register Now for this Session
Proven methodology to retain top talent, improve bench strength and get all employees engaged and aligned to your strategy.

Growth, Janet Ady:  March 17th Register Now for this Session
Strategic marketing planning: How to identify new customers and new market opportunities.  Proven methodology for executing plans that grow your business.

Reducing Costs and Gaining Efficiencies, Jim Fackelman:  April 22nd Register Now for this Session
Most companies have 35-40% excess capacity due to hidden inefficiency, even one’s who think they are “lean”.  Learn how to identify and remove non value added activity using simple and practical tools.

Using LinkedIn for Business Development, Katie Felten:  May 19th Register Now for this Session
Participants in the Talent Management and Growth sessions will be polled for their preferences of additonal topics and this final session will cover the topic of greatest participant interest.

Register for the entire series here Register Now for the Entire Series